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Operation Riptide - everything about the new update!

One of the BIGGEST Updates of all time!

Yesterday, around midnight European time, CS:GO released one of the biggest updates in the history of the strategy shooter. After numerous signs on the game maker's Twitter account, the speculations became reality yesterday. The announcement of a new operation called "Riptide", which is now available in the game for €12.74 ($14.99), made the hearts of the CS:GO community beat faster. Apart from this, however, it is mainly game updates, such as the possibility to drop utilities, that caused a stir.


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Operation "RIPTIDE"

As usual, the operation is structured around a star system. Players can earn stars by completing prescribed missions in the main menu and redeem them for prizes in the Operation Shop. Numerous new agent skins await you at the top of the bluish overlay. As usual, these are classified in different rarity classes and cost between 5 and 25 stars.

In the second row, you have the opportunity to buy skins from the first of four new collections (Train 2021). Unlike normal, however, it is possible to choose whether you want a red, pink, purple or blue skin. Depending on your choice, these skins cost between 1 and 100 stars. The two red skins of this collection can therefore be obtained with a 50% chance for 100 stars each.

The other three new collections (Mirage 2021, Dust2 2021 and Vertigo 2021) are available as usual in a random quality at four stars. Small fun fact: The Vertigo 2021 Collection is already the second of this map, whereby the first was only used at the Berlin Major. This means that the skins of this collection, such as the AK-47 Souvenir Black Laminate, are already history after only one event and some of them are therefore very rare!

The rumour that the collection from which you can choose the quality changes every week was never officially confirmed by Valve. All arguments available to us have so far refuted this rumour. As @Kwaxxi summarised well in a tweet that Train is the only collection with two coverts and no grey skins. Furthermore, Train will not be part of the Mappool at the Stockholm Major in November.

The operation will last 16 weeks in total, with new missions unlocked every seven days. However, an extension after the last week is quite possible! As usual, the Operation Coin is available in four designs. In addition to the details mentioned above, two sticker collections matching the operation have also been released, as well as patches, which can also be purchased with stars.

Private match search, "Shorter" matchmaking

Along with the announcement of the update, a private search mode was introduced. Players are now able to use a private server with 9 friends via a code. Furthermore, Steam groups also have the possibility to organise private games and thus have a new way to interact with their members.

One of the biggest innovations is a new matchmaking format. This was founded on the basis of the already existing mode and is a short version of it. Players now have the chance to play a best-of-16 at their normal matchmaking rank. The first team to reach nine rounds wins, which we already know from Wingman. An interesting possibility for players with limited time resources.

Before we get to what is probably the biggest and most important update, there are two small innovations to note. On hostage maps, the counter-terrorists have the option of acquiring a tactical mission shield and in Deathmatch mode there is a "Free-For-All" modus. A really great addition, only the 128-tick servers are still not available.

Droppable grenades

Probably the biggest and most impactful change, however, is affecting the grenades usage. The new update makes it possible to drop them. More precisely, it is now possible for players in all game modes to drop grenades on other players or at random positions on the map. This opens up completely new possibilities. Entry players could leave their utility in front of the exit by default before the opening fight, grenades can be redistributed before the start of the round depending on the spawn, or a single player could throw five complete utility sets onto a spot.

Up to now, grenades have been one of the most essential information bases in CS:GO. From now on, however, it will be more difficult to draw conclusions about the actual number of players on the basis of the utilities thrown. All in all, every player has the chance to acquire a complete set of utilities as usual. In addition to this, however, it is possible to drop and use the saved grenades from the previous round. With five survivors with full utility, this would mean 10 Smokes at the start of the round. Of course, only 5 of these can be carried directly.

All in all, this update offers far-reaching relief for retakes and fake plays. The true impact and extent of these will only become apparent after the first pro games, but the possibilities are practically unlimited. From a neutral perspective, one can almost only approve of this update. It will make the game even more tactical and interesting.

M4A1 and Deagle Update, Dust2 Change

Two other long requested updates were the improvement of the M4A1 in body hits and the degradation of the Deagle, especially in close range hits. Furthermore, Dual Berettas were reduced in price! On Dust2 a new wall was added at the T-Spawn, which prevents the direct view of the CT players. But with a halfway good spawn it is still possible for the terrorists to jump into Suicide and peek in front of the counter terrorists.



All in all, CS:GO has not only released great and exciting gameplay updates with the new release, but also four new collections with skins, a new operation and a case. One of the biggest and probably best updates in the recent history of the game. The competition created by Valorant seems to be good for our beloved CS:GO!

Source: Counter-Strike.net/Riptide

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