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Perfect World Asia Summer 2020 - Recap

TYLOO prevailed as the clear favorite

Ten teams from the Asian region competed in the Perfect World Asia League. The prize pool was 100,000 USD and with TYLOO only one top-50 team was represented at the tournament. Furthermore, the tournament format was a partner tournament for the Major in RIO.


The tournament was played in a large group phase in which each team played nine games. While the last two places were eliminated directly, the first eight qualified for the playoffs.

Winner and tournament MVP

As expected, the tournament final was won by TYLOO, the favorite. The Chinese top team only lost one of their twelve duels during the tournament. Alongside 25,000 USD prize money, they secured 2000 RMR Major Points.

Group stage

The group stage was played in round-robin bo3, with each team competing against each other, and the best eight teams qualified for the playoffs. Three teams were particularly convincing. Alongside TYLOO, who only lost one duel, ViCi and Invictus were surprisingly consistent. With 7:2 each they went out of the group phase and qualified clearly for the playoffs.

The last two places were taken by Bren and Mazaalai, who won only one and two of their nine duels respectively.


There were practically no surprises in the playoffs. The teams with the seeding advantage actually decided all duels in their favor. Only between fourth and fifth in the group stage did Beyond come out on top, somewhat surprisingly. The semifinals, on the other hand, were once again a clear-cut affair. TYLOO and Invictus both won 2:0 and secured their tickets to the final.

Surprises and disappointments

There were few surprises among the top teams, with three of the region's top four teams qualifying for the semifinals. Somewhat unexpectedly, Beyond prevailed in the quarterfinals and eventually finished the event in fourth place.

The big disappointment was Mazaalai, who failed to summon up their form and won only one of their nine matches.

Performance of the individual teams

  • TYLOO: Sovereign victory for the favorites
  • VICI: Good performance, semi-final elimination somewhat disappointing
  • TIGER: Strong group stage, early exit in playoffs
  • Invictus: Big surprise, great performance
  • Bren: Weak performance
  • Beyond: Fourth place crowns a good performance

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