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PGL Stockholm 2021 Sticker Crafts

Some Suggestions For The New PGL 21 Stickers

Today we will be looking at some more cool crafts with the new PGL Stockholm 2021 stickers you might want to try out yourself! Feel free to share crafts you have already done with them under our post on Twitter!

by @Bastert55

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Table of Content

USP-S | Black Lotus

To start off we have a very well-fitting craft with the USP Black Lotus and Renegades holos. The craft was already done by our beloved Renegades crafter @dallasBobby1. The stickers blend in on most angles, but pop out with some yellow and orange colors.

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MP9 | Cobra

Following up on the Renegades craft, we have a MP9 Cobra. Similar to the USP, it matches on many parts of the skin but also pops out on some angles, which is a great aspect of the PGL stickers in general.

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Nova | Windblown

For our third craft we have the Nova Windblown with some Entropiq holos. Although the Entropiq logo usually has green tints as it main colors that nicely contrast with the blue skin, we also have some angles where they show some beautiful blue shades to match the skin perfectly, as you can see on the picture below.

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AK-47 | Neon Rider

Next up we have a Neon Rider craft, in which we combine the AK with PGL holo stickers. These holo colors are a perfect match for the AK while still standing out.

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P90 | Trigon

As second last skin, we have the P90 Trigon with Copenhagen Flames holos. The stickers match very well color wise at most angles, while also giving some nice blue contrast during reloads.

P90 Trigon

M4A1-S | Nightmare

For our final skin we have a M4A1 Nightmare with some Shark Esports holo. Overall they match quite well with the blue shades, while also showing some a nice color range while reloading.

M4A1 Nightmares


Overall the PGL Stockholm stickers seem to be great additions for many different skins. Which of the ones above did you like most? Share you thoughts under our Twitter post!

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