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Recoil Case Sticker Combos/Crafts - 2022 CSGO Sticker Crafts

Sticker Crafts on skins of the new Recoil Case

Topic: Recoil Case Sticker Combos/Crafts - 2022 CSGO Sticker Crafts

In today's article, we are looking at some cool craft combos for the Recoil Case. Enjoy reading and watching through different CS:GO sticker crafts for the newly released skins and feel free to show us your crafts in the comment sections of our Social Media!

Today we're looking at a mid-/high price segment. In the upcoming week we will also release a Recoil Case craft combos article featuring many amazing budget crafts! Stay tuned for that.

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The Greatest

One of the best skins in the case is for sure the AK-47 Ice Coaled! Such a great color combination. Of course, having two different colors might be problematic for some crafts. That is why we choose one with two different stickers.

Nevertheless especially stickers that have both color schemes also fit quite amazingly as four times. In our craft, we went for two Katowice 2015 FlipSide Holos in the front and two Katowice 2014 Cloud9 Holos in the back. Probably one of the best combos that can be made on this beautiful AK!

Recoil Case

Cheap but Classy

The new Sawed-Off Kiss Love is beautiful on its own and has an amazing artwork! Nevertheless, we decided to add some spice. Four Unicorn Holos are definitely the way to go with this newly released skin, the color match is just perfect. Although it covers a lot of the artwork it still does not feel wrong like it does in most other cases with great artworks.

Recoil Case


In the new Recoil Case, we got plenty of purple/pink skins and all of them look amazing! The one we are talking about now is the AWP Chromatic Aberration, which might seem like something we won't expect as covert, but with the right sticker combination, it becomes truly amazing!

We choose to combo it with four Atlanta 2017 SK Holos, which is definitely one of the best options for this skin. The 3D-looking effect from the skin fits perfectly with the sticker's Holo effect! Time for more Recoil Case sticker combos. Let us continue.

Recoil Case

No words needed

As we all anticipated for a while, CS:GO decided to release a new Printstream skin in the Recoil Case. Of course, most people were hoping for the AK and some for the AWP, but well we didn't get either. What we got is a very nice USP. With that, we have an even higher competition between the white USPs: Road Rash, Whiteout, and now Printstream! As we all know, you can hardly go wrong with paring any stickers with those beasts. This time around we choose to go with four MLG Splyce Foils, which deliver an amazing fit and are also not too expensive to craft!

Recoil Case

Crazy but Worth it

We don't see crazy crafts on skins apart from the main rifles all too often. BUT in the Recoil case, we got one of the best M249 skins in existence released and hopefully, some people will do lovely crafts on it! Our suggestion is a bit expensive for the average player but beyond beautiful.

As our M249 Downtown craft, we decided to go for Katowice 2015 Envy Holos! Truly one of the greatest combo you could do.

Recoil Case


Well, here we go with another budget craft, this time on the most wanted pistol in the game, the R8... The new R8 Crazy 8 is very nice and perfect for the purple inventory theme. Sadly we don't have the right number, 8, to fit the artwork and the name, but we got a 6. The Miami Tier 6 Holo fits perfectly and delivers an amazing craft for the R8 Revolver Crazy 8, making the purple color shine even more!

Recoil Case


The new Glock Winterized is looking pretty classy, making it a good craft material. We decided to go for some older stickers, the Dreamhack 2014 ones! From the many good options, we choose the DreamHack 2014 myXMG stickers as a craft for the Glock-18 Winterized. The fit is special and gives the Glock a very unique touch.

Recoil Case


We love to see some more crazy-colored skins getting introduced. This time we got a P250 with a very good-looking neon effect. Of course, we had to go for the Katowice 2019 FURIA Holos on the newly released P250 Visions. Although there are many options out there the Furia Holo ones have to be one of the best because of the very similar Holo effect.

Recoil Case


Overall we loved watching through some new CS:GO sticker combos for the Recoil Case! Surely some of you already did crafts on Recoil skins. Make sure to show us them on our Social Media. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy crafting!!

All screenshots were taken on the Broskins server!

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