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A Talk About The CS:GO Operation Riptide Collections

Supply/ Hype/ Good investment?

Topic: CS:GO Operation Riptide Collections Supply Investment

Since we heading to the end of the operation and most of the opening hype died out already we decided to have a closer look at the supply of the operation collections (excluding Train because it's not a rare one and the supply is absurdly high). The research was done using the known database "floatdb". As most of you might already know they have registered just the skins from the inventories they are able to scan, so not all in existence, but it's a fair representation and with that giving us a good idea of the total amount and the distribution.


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Are these skins a good investment?

It's hard to say if the skins are a good investment, most people saw a huge profit potential after the Shattered Web operation when the skins went up a good amount, because the collections weren't introduced into the next operation and also they were looking pretty insane. As often people start overinvesting into the next possibility which resulted in a pretty big supply while the look of the skins was average. Prices went up because of the fomo (Fear of missing out) effect and also because of the summer hype that was going on about the same time. After that prices crashed pretty badly when the new operation appeared.

How is the supply compared to others?

Well, I made a small graph so you can see the exact differences between the different collections of this operation and also compare them with the other operations we had in the recent time. Keep in mind the older collections have more items registered because they were traded more (more people registered on floatdb having them at one point).



Will these collections come back?

That's a big unknown, we never know what Valve is going to do, a lot of people think the very old collections will never appear again because that would crash the market due to the prices being very high at the moment and that totally makes sense, as Valve wouldn't want to make people that insecure about their investments. When it comes to the newer collections where the prices are different and also the supply being very big, I don't know what to think about. Also all the three collections we have in Riptide are having Souvenir versions that we gonna see for a while at the next majors.

Recent hype

Recently there was a small spike to be seen with many popular items. Stickers like Katowice 2015 holos were going up quite a bit, while also operation skins saw quite an price increase. What to take away from that? Hard to say by now, but one reason might be the fact that we are getting closer to Christmas, another speculation is the fact that Chinese New Year is not that far away either, but probably the most reasonable one is the recent crypto dip. Last time we had one prices went crazy. People are liquidating crypto through investing in skins. Those are a few ideas to put the spike in perspective. In my opinion it's not a great time to panic buy or to think operation skins will surely go insane from now on. Always buy moderate and analyze the recent price trend.


That was a little overview of the operation collection supplies, as well as some thought of the recent events. I hope you enjoyed reading through it and would love to hear your opinions in the Twitter comments! Always remember to do a deeper research and analyze if you plan on investing. Of course keep in mind the operation ends on 20th of February 2022, so there are some more weeks to go, numbers might change quite a bit until then but only time will tell!

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