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RMR-Update Antwerp Major

Who's going to qualify for the Antwerp Major?

Topic: CS:GO RMR Antwerp Major

Today's topic are the RMR events going into the PGL Major in Antwerp 2022. The main event will take place from 09.05.2022 - 22.05.2022 in Belgium. 52 teams are currently playing for spots in one of the biggest events of the year. With a total prize pool of USD 1.000.000 teams and fans are looking forward to magical days in the Antwerp Sportpaleis!

In the following article we will try to present you an overview of the different qualifier events and the current progress of them.

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General information for the Major

The PGL Major in Stockholm is divided into three stages. Starting with the Challengers Stage 16 teams play for eight advancement spots. The first two stages are played in a Swiss System, while all the matches are bo1, except for the elimination and advancement duels. The bottom eight teams are eliminated, while the other half will continue playing in the "main event", the Legends Stage.

Starting with 14.05.2022 16 teams (eight of them are the advancing teams, eight of them qualified directly) play for the qualification to the Champions Stage, which will be a single-elimination bo3 bracket. The seeding will be determined via the ranking of the Legends Stage.

Now that we got the general information for the PGL Major in Antwerp out the way, we're continuing with the different RMR events down below!

European RMR event

The European qualifier is divided into two separate events with 16 teams each and takes place in Bucharest, Romania. Starting on 17.04.2022, 32 lineups will compete for 16 spots at the Major event.

Everything you need to know regarding the European qualifier you can find here: a href="https://esportfire.com/article/eu-rmr-update-article-18042022" class="article_link">European RMR Update article

European Table


American RMR

The American RMR qualifier consists of 16 teams who play for six spots at the PGL Major in Antwerp. Amongst the big organizations and favorites for the first places, like Liquid, FURIA, Complexity, and Evil Geniuses, multiple Brazilian and two Argentinien teams competed in the event.

While FURIA managed to win each of their four games in a pretty convincing fashion and secured the only Legends stage spot of the region, other favorites haven’t been as convincing. Surprisingly „easy“ did MIBR and Imperial book their spots for the Major, while also Liquid and Complexity managed to qualify for the PGL Major with 3-1 in games.

On the last day of play, tomorrow 9z Team and Evil Geniuses will play the opening game and the winner of the duel will challenge paiN Gaming for a spot at the Major.

European Table


Asian-Pacific RMR

Let’s continue with the PGL Antwerp Major Asia-Pacific RMR event. Only four teams will take part in the qualifier that starts tomorrow (15.04.2022) and will be played as a double elimination bo3 event. Next to the big favorites TYLOO and Renegades, IHC Esports and LookingForOrg will compete in the event. Latter one replaced Lynn Vision as they were not able to get Visa issues sorted out. Both teams qualifying will take part in the Contenders Stage at the PGL Major in Antwerp.

European Table



All in all the Major qualification for the event in Antwerp feels to go by very quickly. A few games, partly bo1s decide whether you got a spot at the Major or not. What do you think of the current RMR cycle and events? Make sure to let us know in the comments.

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