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StarLadder RMR CIS 2021 - Day 5

Fifth match day of the next CIS RMR event

On the fifth day of the tournament, the decisive phase in the two groups takes place. While in group A NAVI and Gambit have already secured promotion, Akuma has already been eliminated. ForZe and Nemiga meet in a direct duel and will play out the third promotion place.
In Group B, everything is open on the last matchday. Only Spirit qualified with four wins as group leader already is fixed for the playoffs. The two matches between K23 and 100PG, as well as Virtus.Pro and Entropiq will decide today on the two remaining promotion places. The winners will advance, while the losers will be eliminated from the event. However, the two third-placed teams in the group will not take part in the double-elimination playoff, but will play off for fifth place.


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Game 1: Entropiq vs. Virtus.Pro - 4 p.m. (CET)

In the first matches of the day, the decisive duels in Group B will take place. The odds are relatively even between Entropiq and Virtus.Pro and before the start of the event, both teams were clear favorites for two of the three playoff spots. Only one of the two teams will advance due to rather disappointing performances so far.

Game 2: K23 vs. 100PG - 4 p.m. (CET)

The second group match between K23 and 100PG will make a first minor surprise of the event perfect. One of the two lineups will advance. K23 managed an underdog win against Entropiq on the second matchday, while 100PG managed a surprise against Virtus.Pro on the first matchday. If Virtus.Pro wins the parallel match, the winner of this duel would have to win with 12 rounds more than VP in order to advance to the double-elimination bracket.

Game 3: Gambit vs. NAVI - 7 p.m. (CET)

In the first evening match it comes to the absolute top duel. With Gambit and NAVI the current number 1 and 3 of the EsportFire World Ranking meet and will play each other for the first group place at the StarLadder CIS. This will play a role in the playoffs, because only Spirit could really convince in group B and will therefore meet the group runner-up and loser of this duel. Between Gambit and NAVI, the odds clearly favor the team around IGL nafany.

Game 4: Nemiga vs. forZe - 7 p.m. (CET)

Nemiga and forZe will play for the third place in group A today. The winner of the duel will play against the third from group B in the match for the fifth place. Due to the fact that the StarLadder is an RMR event, today's duels and the associated promotion will decide important points in the fight for the Major participation. The spectators can expect an exciting day with four great duels.

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