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Sticker Spotlight – Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo), Price, Crafts & Trend

Crafts, Prices & Supply Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) - Sticker Spotlight #64

Topic: Sticker Spotlight – Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo), Price, Crafts & Trend

When we think of professional Counter-Strike teams, Fnatic is definitely one of the first few that pop up in many people's minds. It doesn’t come as a surprise to see them once again on the big stages of a CS:GO Major. After only finishing in 5th to 8th place in the Katowice 2014 Major, Fnatic wanted to prove that they are much better than that.

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Cologne 2014 Fnatic - General Team Information

Fnatic, along with Ninjas In Pyjamas, was among the teams that gathered high expectations entering this tournament. The really strong squad consisted of Jesper "JW" Wecksell, Robin "flusha" Rönnquist, Markus "pronax" Wallsten, Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer, and Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson. The group stage was pretty easy for them. Furthermore, the quarterfinals and semifinal were convincing wins. Sadly, they were one map short of becoming champions. The title went Ninjas In Pyjamas' way.

Fnatic Cologne 2014 games:

Group stage
  • Opening game - Fnatic 16:7 iBuyPower (Cobblestone)
  • Winners match - Fnatic 19:16 Virtus.pro (Overpass)
  • Map 1 - Fnatic 16:11 Natus Vincere (Inferno)
  • Map 2 - Fnatic 7:16 Natus Vincere (Dust 2)
  • Map 3 - Fnatic 16:14 Natus Vincere (Nuke)
  • Map 1 - Fnatic 16:11 Team Dignitas (Dust 2)
  • Map 2 - Fnatic 16:14 Team Dignitas (Overpass)
Grand Final
  • Map 1 - Fnatic 11:16 Ninjas In Pyjamas (Cobblestone)
  • Map 2 - Fnatic 16:8 Ninjas In Pyjamas (Cache)
  • Map 3 - Fnatic 13:16 Ninjas In Pyjamas (Inferno)

Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo)

Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) - Sticker Supply

Keeping track of the supply of a specific sticker is challenging, as there isn’t any public information from Valve. However, the community can estimate how many could be out there. The EsportFire Database helps with keeping track of obtainable stickers that are listed for sale on different third-party marketplaces. Currently, there are 67 listed on Buff, while 43 and 9 are available for purchase on the Steam Community Market and Skinport, respectively.

Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) - Price Trend/Development

With the release of Counter-Strike 2, the Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) sticker has seen a significant price increase. When it was first released, the sticker was selling for only around USD 1 to USD 3. Currently, one sticker is sitting at USD 24, while previous sales were in the USD 20 to USD 25 range. There have been many instances where sticker prices would drastically increase due to various factors, but quickly after, they would correct down to the initial price before the jump. We can assume that the cost for the next four-times craft with the Cologne Fnatic 2014 (Holo) sticker could be in the USD 80 to USD 100 range.

Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) Price Trend

Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) - Sticker Crafts

Some crafts may be more fascinating than others, but overall, it gives us lots of information on what people like and on which skin they fit best. In this case, 20,461 skins had the opportunity to get one or more Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) stickers applied on them. 366 of those are four-time crafts with only two five-time crafts, from which I will show you one in a second.

But first, take a look at a one-out-of-fourteen craft, with only one being in Factory New condition. The one shown on the screenshot is in Minimal Wear condition with a float value of 0.11844.

Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) Sticker Craft
Many people would say that the AK-47 Safari Mesh is one of the most popular and loved AK’s in the Counter-Strike community. @SanterialYT would certainly agree with this. In his possession, we can find 40+ AK-47 Safari Mesh skins with various sticker combinations. One of those is Field-Tested, with a float value of 0.33756, decorated with four Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) stickers.

Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) Sticker Craft

Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) - Sticker Crafts

G3SG1 skin crafts are a rare occasion to see nowadays. Only two five-time craft exists with Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) stickers, and one can be found in @Brabbit1499's inventory. The Cologne 2014 collector expanded his skin collection with a Factory New G3SG1 High Seas with a 0.06387 float, which was crafted in November of 2022.

Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) Sticker Craft
The final skin of the day, which may bring some of you down memory lane, is @Ro1fCSGO's Field-Tested StatTrak Glock-18 Blue Fissure with a 0.18110 float. The skin, introduced in Weapon Case 3, was one of the first few pistol skins people could craft on. Today, there are two of these crafts. Another one is in Minimal Wear condition with a float of 0.09146, also coming in the StatTrak edition.

Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) Sticker Craft

Writers favorite

Big, big, big fan of @Brabbit1499's G3SG1 High Seas with not four, but five Fnatic Cologne 2014 (Holo) stickers applied onto it. The yellow color of the logo goes really well with the skin. The blue circle is also a lovely addition to the skin's color theme. Fun fact about this sticker: The only other five-time skin with five Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) stickers is the StatTrak R8 Revolver Fade in Factory New condition. You can inspect it ingame here.


Yet another team that reached the final stage of the Cologne 2014 Major has some lovely crafts going around the Counter-Strike community. Let us know which craft you would make with four Cologne 2014 Fnatic (Holo) stickers on our Social Media.

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