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Katowice 2014 compLexity Holo crafts, supply & price trend

Crafts, prices & supply compLexity Katowice 2014 (Holo) - Sticker Spotlight #6

Topic: Sticker Spotlight - compLexity Katowice 2014 (Holo) crafts, supply & price trend

Welcome to our sixth edition of CS:GO „Sticker Spotlight“. In today's article, we will introduce you to yet another CS:GO team and their roster that played in the Katowice 2014 tournament, as well as the current development of the prices and crafts with their sticker from the mentioned tournament. In today’s article, we will be covering the „Katowice 2014 compLexity Gaming (Holo)“ sticker.

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Katowice 2014 compLexity (Holo) – General Team Information

It’s time to take a look into the old, but well known team from the Katowice 2014 tournament known as compLexity Gaming. The roster of compLexity Gaming in Katowice 2014 CS:GO tournament consisted of following players: Spencer "Hiko" Martin, Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen, Sean "seang@res" Gares, Braxton "swag" Pierce and Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert. The compLexity Gaming roster didn’t have a coach behind their back during this event unlike some other teams, for example Fnatic who had “cArn”.

The team played in group D alongside LGB eSports, Clan-Mystik and Natus Vincere. They came out on top in their opening match against Clan-Mystik, but lost their second match against LGB eSports. In their deciding duel they faced Clan-Mystik once again and won a second time, which secured them a quarterfinals spot. Their run didn’t last any longer because they lost their next match against Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-1 in a B03 match. This left the team finishing their tournament run on 5th to 8th place. Honorable moment from that match for the Complexity roaster was a 1v4 clutch by swag against NIP in the quarterfinals.

CS:GO compLexity Katowice 2014 Sticker

Katowice 2014 compLexity (Holo) - Sticker Supply

The Katowice 2014 compLexity Gaming (Holo) sticker supply is currently really high compared to other Katowice 2014 Holo stickers. There are 127 stickers trackable, while 48 of them are confirmed to be trade banned. This puts the Katowice 2014 compLexity Gaming (Holo) sticker in second place for the most tradable supply and most confirmed banned amount of stickers. But, recently we’ve seen some fresh Katowice 2014 compLexity Holo crafts. We can say that the supply is on a slow and stable downward trend ever since its release back in 2014.

CS:GO compLexity Katowice 2014 Sticker

Source: cantry.dev

Katowice 2014 compLexity (Holo) - Price Trend/Development

The price of one Katowice 2014 compLexity Gaming (Holo) sticker nowadays is around ~1.250 USD. The last couple of sales were in the range between 1.200 USD and 1.290 USD. But, compared to 6 months ago when one sticker was selling for ~1.320 USD, we could say you are getting “a good deal”. New and fresh four times craft would cost around ~4.950 USD. That is a really crazy and big amount for one of the least popular stickers from the Katowice 2014 tournament.

Even though there are not many frequent sales for this sticker we can still say that the price is slowly increasing. When looking at the Steam Market graph we can see that this sticker had one big price jump back in May of 2016 which recovered pretty quickly and another one in June of 2019. Since then we're looking at a continuous upwards trend.

CS:GO compLexity Katowice 2014 Sticker

Katowice 2014 compLexity (Holo) - Sticker Crafts

Now, let’s get to some compLexity Holo sticker crafts. We love some good old, and also new, sticker crafts. There are currently 4766 skins with at least one Katowice 2014 compLexity Gaming (Holo) applied to them. Out of those 4766, 71 are four-time crafts. There are so many good-looking crafts that are worth getting their spotlight, but we had to pick only a few of them. One of those is the FN M4A4 Radiation Hazard owned by @ohnePixel. Also, the M4A4 Howl that is shown down below, is in fact a 1/1 craft, even though both the sticker and skin were released at around the same time.

CS:GO compLexity Katowice 2014 Sticker

There are also lots of white themed crafts that look really good in-game. A good showcase of that is a Mecha Industries combo. This awesome 1/1 ST FN M4A1-S Mecha Industries is currently owned by @DallasBobby1, while the Desert Eagle is in the hands of a Katowice 2014 compLexity Gaming (Holo) sticker collector known as @BigBoyBroken that currently owns five four times compLexity Holo crafts. There are lots of 1/1 crafts, one of those is an AWP Asiimov currently owned by @Martin_RGB.

CS:GO compLexity Katowice 2014 Sticker

The most popular Katowice 2014 compLexity Gaming Holo craft is for sure the AK Redline which has been crafted 23 times in the four-time version. That is ~32% of the total four times supply. When going down the 1/1 road again there can be seen an AWP Wildfire that is owned by @Wrath_Senpai. Furthermore the only CZ75-Auto with four times compLexity Gaming Katowice 2014 Holo stickers was crafted by @BomberDD7 back in August of 2017 and is today owned by @Martin_RGB.

CS:GO compLexity Katowice 2014 Sticker

The following Neo-Noir set is owned by the previously mentioned @BigBoyBroken and even though the compLexity sticker is red colored it makes a good mix with all the different colors on Neo-Noir skins. Time will tell if we will ever see a full Neo-Noir set getting crafted. It would be really amazing to see a full collection with the Katowice 2014 compLexity Gaming (Holo) sticker applied onto them.

CS:GO compLexity Katowice 2014 Sticker

A very well-known trader in the CS:GO community and co-owner of ECSTATIC, @zipelCS currently owns a 1/1 Deagle Code Red that was crafted by @Epidemic back in May of 2019. One of the more recent four times Katowice 2014 compLexity Gaming Holo crafts. Even though the sticker is not as popular as some others from the Katowice 2014 tournament, you need to admit there are some really good-looking crafts that shine in their own way. Be sure to let us know which one you like the most or which one you would like to see getting crafted in the future.

CS:GO compLexity Katowice 2014 Sticker*all pictures taken on Broskins

Writers favorite

My personal favorite crafts with this Katowice 2014 Holo stickers would be: The M4A4 Radiation Hazard from @ohnePixel, the Desert Eagle Code Red from @zipelCS, and one of the M4A1-S crafts. Either the Cyrex from @thepeter114 or the Mecha Industries from @DallasBobby1. I mean the sticker works really well with skins that are a mix of red and white/black color, therefore all of the mentioned skins are a 10/10 in my books.


I hope you’ve found out about some compLexity crafts you never knew existed or got a better insight into the compLexity lineup that played in Katowice 2014 tournament. Let us know which compLexity craft you like the most and which sticker you would like to see get covered next on the “Sticker Spotlight” series via our Social Media.

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