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Sticker Spotlight: "Ho Ho Ho" - crafts, supply & price trend

Crafts, prices & supply Ho Ho Ho - Sticker Spotlight #11

Topic: Sticker Spotlight - Ho Ho Ho crafts, supply & price trend

Welcome to the Christmas Edition of our Sticker Spotlight series. This week we will take a little dive into a sticker that probably some of you didn’t even know existed. The sticker in question perfectly fits the theme and is called “Ho Ho Ho”. As usual, the focus will be on "Ho Ho Ho" sticker crafts, the price trend, and the current supply. Merry Christmas everyone!

  Exerpas   Andy

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"Ho Ho Ho" – General Information

No other sticker could better embody the christmas holiday spirit than today's sticker. The “Ho Ho Ho” sticker was first introduced to the game on December 11th, 2014. One day after the “Re-introducing Train” update. This sticker came with 14 other stickers and in high grade rarity. It was purchasable via the in-game store. The creator of this sticker, “The Honey Badger” published the “Ho Ho Ho” sticker to the Steam Workshop on November 6th, 2014 with two more designs of the same sticker. Sadly, those two designs weren’t introduced into the game unlike the paper version that we still have.

CS:GO Ho Ho Ho sticker

A funny thing to notice is that the “Ho Ho Ho” sticker that was accepted was actually “option B” for the paper version. As we can see from the workshop images, the “version B” differs from “version A” in only one thing, the glasses. Which one do you like more? And do you think we should have also gotten the holographic “Ho Ho Ho” sticker version in the game? Let us know on Social Media!

CS:GO Ho Ho Ho sticker introduction

"Ho Ho Ho" - Sticker Supply

When it comes to the sticker supply of the “Ho Ho Ho” sticker we can’t be correct with the total amount. There aren’t any sites that track the total current supply. One way of tracking down the supply of this sticker is to check how many listed stickers there are on the Steam Community Market or other Third Site Marketplaces.

Since the sticker was obtainable for a long time in the in-game store we can estimate that there are a decently large amount of these stickers left in inventories worldwide. Currently, the Steam Community Market has around 1.400 listed and on Buff163 there are as well more than 1.000 available for purchase!

"Ho Ho Ho" - Price Trend/Development

The sticker price of the “Ho Ho Ho” sticker looks fairly stable and consistent. The price of the sticker constantly varied from USD 0.90 to USD 1.10 since 2017. But, before 2017 we can see that price wasn’t anything close to what it is today.

At first, you might be a bit surprised why the price trend of the "Ho Ho Ho" sticker looks the way it does. Well, some players would be randomly chosen to receive an one-time opportunity, which lasted for only one week, to purchase a specific sticker from the in-game store. You could buy a sticker for USD 0.99. One of those stickers from “The Community Sticker Series 3” was the “Ho Ho Ho” sticker. Since at the time there was no trade hold and not everyone got the same stickers for purchase, people had to buy them off Steam Community Market.

Therefore, the price of the sticker and other stickers from that same series went only upward since its release. The stickers were also later on discontinued. But, that didn’t last forever since at the end of 2016 prices started to dip down drastically. The reason for that was the sticker's reintroduction to the game. To be more correct, they were re-introduced to the CS:GO in-game store and still are purchasable for 0.99$ to this date.

CS:GO Ho Ho Ho sticker price

Source: Steam Community Market

"Ho Ho Ho" - Sticker Crafts

After having this sticker in the game for over eight years, we currently have 11.301 skins with at least one “Ho Ho Ho” sticker applied to them. Out of those 11.301 skins, only 553 are four-time crafts. There are a lot of different "Ho Ho Ho" sticker crafts that are one out of one for the specific skin. These crafts range from low to high skin price ranges. The most expensive skin with “Ho Ho Ho” four-time craft is a Factory New AWP Gungnir.

CS:GO Ho Ho Ho sticker crafts

The most popular craft with the “Ho Ho Ho” sticker is the Galil AR Rocket Pop. Out of the current 553 crafts with “Ho Ho Ho” stickers, there are a total of 205 Galil AR Rocket Pop four-time crafts. We also have some other blue, red, and white-themed skins that work nicely with this sticker. Some of those are the AK-47 Point Disarray, the Glock-18 Water Elemental, and the SG 553 Integrale.

CS:GO Ho Ho Ho sticker crafts

Writers favorite

Even though this craft is fairly common as we could see from the total crafted numbers, I’d say my favorite craft would be the Galil AR Rocket Pop. It provides a perfect match for the color of the sticker and the skin itself makes this craft really good-looking. Also, I am a fan of the SG 553 Integrale.


We at EsportFire wish everyone a happy holiday season with the crafty “Ho Ho Ho” sticker. This festive sticker is the perfect way to show your holiday spirit. To spread some of this spirit we're giving away four of them on Twitter! Be sure to follow us there and start crafting your way to a happy holiday season!

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