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Sticker Spotlight: Katowice 2014 LGB - crafts, supply & price trend

Crafts, prices & supply LGB (Holo) - Sticker Spotlight #12

Topic: Sticker Spotlight - Katowice 2014 LGB (Holo) crafts, supply & price trend

Welcome to our 12th “Sticker Spotlight” article and also welcome to our first one of 2023. We hope you had a good start to the new year! There are a lot of stickers to cover in the upcoming year and we couldn't imagine anything better than by starting this year with the Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) sticker. In today’s article we will give you a backstory of a team that was home to some of the greatest CS:GO talents as well as the current stickers supply of the LGB Holo and some of really unique good looking sticker crafts.

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Katowice 2014 LGB (Holo) – General Information

Let’s talk about a team that amazed the crowd with great plays and put on a good show for everyone that watched the Katowice 2014 tournament. You remember that Olofmeister 4k against Fnatic on Inferno? Yes, that's the team we're talking about. The Katowice 2014 LGB eSports lineup was assembled of five Swedish players that did really well in the tournament. The team was represented by Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson, Dennis "dennis" Edman, Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer, Simon "twist" Eliasson and Isak "cype" Rydman. Their run in the Katowice 2014 tournament started out in group D. Without struggling they advanced in the group stage and everything started with their opening match against Na’Vi in which they won 16-8.

In the following game against compLexity Gaming, which was also the winners match, they took a victory on their side with a 16-11 scoreline. Those two wins secured their first place in group D. Following the group stage, their next opponent was Fnatic in the quarterfinals. After a long BO3 series they came out to be victorious after beating them on the third map, Train, with 16-14. In the semifinals against Virtus.Pro they met the later winner of the event and even though they put up a good fight, they sadly didn’t make it through to the finals and lost the series 1-2. The LGB eSports team finished on 3rd-4th place next to Team Dignitas and with that qualified for ESL One Cologne 2014 and brought home around 22,000 USD.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LGB Holo Team

Katowice 2014 LGB (Holo) - Sticker Supply

The supply of the Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) sticker is just like any other Katowice 2014 supply when we take a look at the bigger picture. A slow but steady decrease since the release of the sticker is making it rarer and rarer every day. As of now, there are currently 83 tradable and 34 confirmed banned Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) stickers left. Lately the supply hasn't changed much as we haven’t seen lots of crafts with this sticker recently. The last time we had a four times craft was back in March of 2021. We can notice that supply is decreasing, but not with the speed like some other stickers from the Katowice 2014 event. Good examples for that would be the Team Dignitas or Virtus.Pro stickers.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LGB Holo Sticker Supply

Source: cantry.dev

Katowice 2014 LGB (Holo) - Price Trend/Development

The price trend of the Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) is fairly expected to be just like any other price trends of stickers from the Katowice 2014 tournament. The low supply that keeps going down from year to year keeps showcasing itself on the development of the Steam price graphs. We can see that the sticker price went up by so much that we don’t even have sales showcased on Steam anymore. Currently the price of one Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) sticker is around USD ~4,400. Quite a sum for only one sticker. Recent sales range from USD 4,200 up to USD 4,600. With that, a new four times craft would cost more than USD 17,000.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LGB Holo Price Trend

Katowice 2014 LGB (Holo) - Sticker Crafts

Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) sticker crafts are a rather rare to find in your casual matchmaking games. There are currently 5,308 skins with at least one Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) sticker applied and only 114 of them are four times. Some of the most expensive four times are the two exciting AK Wild Lotus ones. The most recent one was crafted on a 0.0007 float back in July of 2020. Another expensive craft is an AWP Gungnir that was crafted back in January of 2021. The total applied value at the time was USD 15.000.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LGB Holo Sticker Crafts

The most recent four time craft with the Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) sticker in fact happened in March of 2021. It was on a ST FN 0.007 AWP Oni Taiji and done by @PM_xxxxxl. We need to mention how this sticker works perfectly well with red, black and white skins. A good example of that would be the Cyrex skins. There are currently two ST FN M4A1-S Cyrex crafts and one of them is owned by @smoke13337. While also one out of two ST FN USP-S Cyrex is in hands of @csmoneytrade.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LGB Holo Sticker Crafts

Exactly 57 out of 114 four time Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) sticker crafts are on AK Redlines. With that we're talking about 50 percent. On the other hand there are only six AWP Redlines with four stickers applied existing. We can see how dominant and fairly common that craft was back in the day. There are also two of the same M4A1-S Mecha Industries crafts on the StatTrak FN version. One of them is owned by @Csgo_skins_kato.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LGB Holo Sticker Crafts

Just like any other Katowice sticker, there are also some unique one out of one crafts that were made with the Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) sticker. Some of them are a M4A4 Radiation Hazard that is sadly banned on one of the IGXE bot accounts. Another one is a Glock-18 Royal Legion that makes a perfect mix of orange with red colors and fits nicely together.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LGB Holo Sticker Crafts

Writers favorite

I can with certainty say that my favorite four times Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) craft is the M4A1-S Hot Rod. The shiny red base of the skin makes a perfect match for the stickers and gives them a nice opportunity to shine even brighter than on most of the other crafts. Also, honorable mentions are the AK and AWP Redline duo. Both skins are classic and old crafts that still have a decent modern and clean look.


Hope everyone enjoyed today's article about the Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) sticker. Be sure to let us know which craft is your favorite one and which one would you like to see getting crafted maybe in the future on our Social Media.

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