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Sticker Spotlight - King on the Field supply, price, crafts & trend

Crafts, prices & supply King on the Field - Sticker Spotlight #1

Topic: Sticker Spotlight - King on the Field supply, price, crafts & trend

Welcome to our CS:GO „Sticker spotlight“ series which is going to feature many different stickers and their backstory, as well as current development and crafts. Today, we will be covering one of the oldest and rarest stickers, known as „King on the Field“.

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King on the Field - General Information

The nowadays discontinued sticker „King on the Field“ was first introduced back in February of 2014 by the Steam users: "Auzzii" and "sic" with a simple description saying: „King on the battlefield! The BEST one in the battlefield“. It didn't take long until the sticker got introduced to the game itself. Already on May 1st, 2014 the sticker was added to the game with an update called „The Hunt Begins“. "King on the Field" was introduced together with 17 other stickers in the Community Sticker Capsule One.

On June 12th, 2014 CSGO removed the sticker from the game alongside the Harp of War (Holo), Winged Defuser, and Howling Dawn as well as four more skins from the creator "sic" that were added in the Huntsman case with „The Hunt Begins“ update. The reason behind that is that his „co-worker“ "Auzzii" had an idea to design a skin from a picture that „he drew of his dog“ that later on became the M4A4 Howl. After some research Valve found out that the „picture of the dog“ was stolen and with that copyrighted content. Following that, all of the sick workshop items that were added to the game, including the „King on the Field“ sticker, were removed.

CS:GO King on the Field sticker

King on the Field - Sticker Supply

Now, that we all know why this sticker is rare to see nowadays, let's take a look into the supply of the "King on the Field". There are currently 141 tradable and 28 banned according to cantry.dev. This means that the King on the Field sticker is also the discontinued sticker that has the least amount of supply and also the least amount of confirmed banned stickers out of the four mentioned above.

CS:GO King on the Field sticker

King on the Field - Sticker Crafts

As of today, there are in total 7.720 skins in CS:GO with at least one „King on the Field“ sticker applied onto them. But, at the moment there are only 13 four times King on the Field sticker crafts tradeable. Out of those 13 craft, 4 of them (~31%) are currently owned by @ArrrowCSGO.

CS:GO King on the Field sticker

Furthermore two of the 4x crafts (~15%) are owned by @PM_xxxxxl. Those two King on the Field crafts that he currently owns are also his own crafts that he did back in mid-December 2020 and early October 2021. Those two include a FN 0.004 USP-S Target Acquired out of the Control collection and a ST FN 0.009 AK-47 Leet Museo from the Operation Riptide Case.

CS:GO King on the Field sticker

A good thing to mention is that all existing King on the Field four-times crafts are 1/1, which means that they have been only crafted one time and are unique on their own. The only exception to that is the AK-47 Redline which was crafted twice back in the day. There is one in a ST MW 0.10 float and one in a non ST FT 0.32 float condition.

If someone would like to craft something new with this specific sticker at the moment they would need to pay USD ~1230 for the cheapest sticker. That means a new 4x craft would cost close to USD ~5000. Indeed, mind blowing.

CS:GO King on the Field sticker

King on the Field - Price Trend/Development

This sticker has seen a steady increase since it was first listed on the Steam community market. After a rather slow increase in the first 5 years, we saw a big jump from USD ~60 to USD ~130 from May to July. Ever since then there have been few sales on the SCM. The cheapest currently listed on Buff163 is around USD 1200 and the latest sales are between USD 800 and USD 1200!

Overall, we can say that this old sticker, which is currently discontinued from the game, is on an upward trend as the supply is very low.

CS:GO King on the Field sticker


It's always nice to know the full story of a sticker that has been added to the game for so long. We hope you enjoyed today's article, it was our honor to give you a little backstory and update on the current situation of this famous and well-known sticker. If you have any ideas for a „King on the Field“ craft be sure to let us know on our Social Media.

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