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Sticker Spotlight – DreamHack 2014 NiP price, crafts & trend

DreamHack 2014 NiP Crafts, prices & supply - Sticker Spotlight #26

Topic: Sticker Spotlight – DreamHack 2014 NiP supply, price, crafts & trend

The first team that we will take a close look into from the DreamHack 2014 Counter-Strike tournament will be Ninjas In Pyjamas. Outside of their outstanding performance during the whole tournament, they also left behind amazing stickers that commemorate their run. We will take a deep dive into the price development, sticker supply, and sticker crafts of the DreamHack 2014 NiP (Holo) sticker ever since it was first introduced to the game.

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DreamHack 2014 NiP General Team Information

What would be a better start to our new DreamHack 2014 Sticker Spotlight series than NiP. When comparing the DreamHack 2014 Ninjas In Pyjamas roster with the one from Katowice 2014, we can see small changes in the Swedish team. During the DreamHack 2014 tournament they were represented by: Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg, Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund, Richard "Xizt" Landström, Adam "friberg" Friberg and Mikail "Maikelele" Bill who replaced Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson. This time around they also got a coach to support them during their strong performances. The coach in question was Faruk "pita" Pita.

Their tournament run started in group C where they faced Team LDLC.com, ESC Gaming and Planetkey Dynamics. As expected, NiP managed to win their opening game, beating Planetkey Dynamics 16-2. In the winners match they faced Team LDLC.com, but sadly lost 16-13 in a game that showcased some amazing individual player skills. Finally, everything stood on the line in the decider match, where they met ESC Gaming. After a long 50 minutes game on Cache and the scoreline of 16-13 they came out victorious securing themselves a playoff spot.

In the quarterfinals, they faced off against HellRaisers in a best-of-three match. This matchup was one sided and after Dust 2 and Inferno they advanced to the semifinals with a 2:0. The next milestone before reaching the finals was Virtus.Pro in yet another best-of-three. After three hours of high level Counter Strike games they won with a 2-1 scoreline. In the intense final of the DreamHack 2014 event, Ninjas In Pyjamas sadly lost 1-2 to Team LDLC.com. They left the tournament in second place with USD 50,000 and a spot at ESL One Katowice 2015.

DreamHack 2014 NiP Holo

DreamHack 2014 NiP Sticker Supply

The supply trend of the DreamHack 2014 Ninjas In Pyjamas (Holo) sticker is likely the same as any other sticker from that tournament. As time passes by more and more stickers got applied. When taking a look at the stickers currently available on different marketplaces, such as Buff163 (64 available) and Steam Community Market (12 available), we can show you a good overview of the current available amount while the total DreamHack 2014 NiP sticker supply is hard to estimate, as many stickers will be "hidden" in private inventories and storage units.

DreamHack 2014 NiP Price Trend/Development

The DreamHack 2014 NiP (Holo) didn’t get much attention until the start of 2019. For the 5 years before that, it was on a slow increase and not many spikes are visible in the Steam Community Market graph. But, since then everything changed. More people started seeing the potential the DreamHack 2014 NiP sticker has crafting-wise as more and more skins got introduced to the game.

Ever since the sicker skyrocketed to USD 100. In the current market, the price of this sticker is around USD 85, with the recent sales ranging between USD 80 and USD 90. With that information, we can estimate that a new four-times craft would be around USD 350.

DreamHack 2014 NiP Holo Price Trend

DreamHack 2014 NiP Sticker Crafts

After being in the game for over 9 years now, let's talk about some DreamHack 2014 NiP (Holo) sticker crafts. Currently, 13,812 skins have at least one of them applied. Out of those 13,812 only 411 are four-time crafts. Let's take a look into some of them and start with the lowest float one. The FN P2000 0.0000001 Lifted Spirits is the lowest float four-time craft in the game right now. It was crafted and is currently owned by @At424_. One more low float NiP craft can be found on the MAC-10 Calf Skin in the inventory of @wtr_csgo. This MAC-10 has a float value of 0.000009. The lowest float Desert Eagle with four Ninjas In Pyjamas DreamHack 2014 (Holo) stickers is a ST FN 0.00003 Bronze Deco in the hands of @jklsinclair who is also the original crafter.

Furthermore, we logically can't forget about the rifle crafts, so let's start out with a FN 0.007 AK Gold Arabesque onto which @Gaveeeyy applied four DreamHack 2014 NiP stickers. We can also see that some professional players are big fans of this AK craft since they used it in their professional games. Some of those players are Degster from OG, SELLTER from Aurora and lauNX from Sprout.

DreamHack 2014 NiP Holo Sticker Crafts

One of the most recent DreamHack 2014 NiP crafts happened on a SSG 08 and fairly recently. Four of them got applied on a FN 0.008 Death Strike by @erupT_cs. The AK Legion of Anubis is another nice skin that makes this sticker pop out, but still matches the skin at the same time. This one-out-of-two craft is part of @pocket_tweeting's inventory.

Thank to @0nionMuncher, the XM1014 got a bit more love when it comes to expensive stickers being applied to it. At the end of 2022, to be more detailed, in December, he made a four-times DreamHack 2014 NiP craft on a FN 0.0609 XM1014 Grassland become reality. Around the same time @pathcsgolol decided to craft on a FN 0.0000063 AUG Amber Fade from the 2021 Train Collection.

DreamHack 2014 NiP Holo Sticker Crafts

In 2021 we got the AUG Sand Storm added to the game. It didn’t take long until @Obij01 decided to make a four-times DreamHack 2014 NiP craft out of it and the result is absolutely stunning. Furthermore, the only industrial grade Desert Eagle craft happened a few weeks ago and was done by @Lurker_csgo. He ended up crafting on The Bronze Desert Eagle with a float value of 0.00008. The skin got released together with the Control collection.

In case you are a fan of more old-school crafts we have an USP-S Road Rash, which was crafted by @Bastert55 in August of 2022 for you. One of the more “common” DreamHack 2014 Ninjas in Pyjamas sticker craft is the M4A4 Royal Paladin. There are a total of 17 Royal Paladins with NIP stickers applied to them. One of those seventeen can be found in the inventory of @yates_csgo.

DreamHack 2014 NiP Holo Sticker Crafts

We need to give a little special spotlight to two of the biggest DreamHack 2014 Ninjas In Pyjamas (Holo) sticker collectors. One of them is @PizzzaBot. With a total of 39 four-time DreamHack 2014 NiP skins, he single-handedly has 10% of all available four-time skins in his stunning collection. Some of the unique gems he owns are the FN 0.01 AK Jet Set, the FN 0.06001 AK Safari Mesh and a full FN Modern Hunter set. We highly recommend taking a look into the inventory yourself as the collection is truly amazing. Congratulations on that!

DreamHack 2014 NiP Holo Sticker Crafts

Another collector that "recently" joined the scene and made tons of one-out-of-one crafts is @CHUNKlEMONKlE. His collection has a bit more spice to it due to one interesting fact. In his inventory, we can find a total of 15 four-time DreamHack 2014 NiP sticker crafts, and all of them are on skins with the pattern ID 777. The dedication of going that one step further into acquiring the same pattern for all of the skins before crafting them is really praiseworthy.

DreamHack 2014 NiP Holo Sticker Crafts

Writers favorite

I must say that the Counter-Strike Twitter community has some really cool and unique DreamHack 2014 NiP sticker crafts to offer. Some of my favorites are the Souvenir R8 Revolver Desert Brush from @CHUNKlEMONKlE, the XM Grassland from @0nionMuncher and the MAC-10 Calf Skin from @wtr_csgo.

Another highlight is the amazing Modern Hunter collection from @PizzzaBot. All of the skins are in a Factory New condition. What a truly amazing collection from one of the biggest, if not the biggest DreamHack 2014 NiP sticker collectors.


We hope that you enjoyed today's article and that we put some Spotlight on one of the most legendary DreamHack 2014 stickers. Be sure to share your favorite crafts on our Twitter and turn on notification to never miss future Sticker Spotlight articles.

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