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The best Frostivus skins - The return of the King

10 Best Frostivus Update Skins in Dota

Topic: The Best Frostivus Skins in Dota

In today's article, we take a look at the new Dota 2 event, Frostivus! Even though we don't have a new game mode, we've got a new treasure with plenty of lovely skins and made a list with 10 of the best Frostivus skins! Enjoy the read and don't get frozen!

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King Kringle - Wraith King

The unexpected has happened: we've seen the return of the king, the return of the Wraith King Arcana. A very cool arcana with a long history that we thought we would never get back! It also has a nice winter-themed skin over it. The prices are very high at the moment, going for around USD 280.00!

10 Best Frostivus Skins in Dota

Gingerbread Baby Roshan - Courier

After so many years, we are getting another chance to unlock Roshan couriers. Sadly, there is no new design, but it's still the perfect one for Christmas! The courier is made out of ginger and has some nice sweet horns. The price tag, for the moment, is USD 820.00!

10 Best Frostivus Skins in Dota

The Abominable Snowbeast - Primal Beast

The Abominable Snowbeast is, without a doubt, the best Primal Beast set we've gotten in the game so far, featuring an amazing Yeti look. The set feels so fresh and looks so nice in-game; the headpiece is truly amazing and even comes in two styles. The price for this set is USD 36.00!

10 Best Frostivus Skins in Dota

Silent Wight - Ancient Apparition

Silent Wight is a very unique skin set for our beloved Ancient Apparition. Even though there are many nice AA sets, this one is one of the most unique ones. The set features a simple design of a Snowman with some huge hands made for throwing projectiles, and above all, it has an amazing headpiece. The price is USD 36.00!

10 Best Frostivus Skins in Dota

Silver Squall - Snapfire

Silver Squall is a very beautiful cosmetic bundle for Snapfire, the heavy shooter granny who is getting ice in her weapons! The main attraction of the set is definitely the mount piece, with Mortimer turned into an Ice Frog that spits liquid ice. The price is USD 40.00!

10 Best Frostivus Skins in Dota

Guardian Snow Angel - Crystal Maiden

The following skin may not necessarily be the most interesting-looking one, but it's pretty nice to see it back. The Crystal Maiden Persona has finally become tradable with this set. The set is very nicely designed, with a very nice detail: a small Maiden sleeping on the wolf. The price is USD 80.00!

10 Best Frostivus Skins in Dota

Frostmoot - Tiny

The next cosmetic set is not a new one; actually, it's an older one, from a past Frostivus event! Maybe it's not new, but it's definitely one of the best Frostivus skins, a very good quality one. The body parts are made out of ice, and the weapon is a beautiful Christmas tree! The price is USD 6.30!

10 Best Frostivus Skins in Dota

Hunter of the Crystal Drift - Ursa

Hunter of the Crystal Drift is once again a recycled skin set from the previous event, but it's definitely one of the best, this time as an Ursa set! The theme is blue once again; the body has some interesting paintings, and the arms are definitely the main attraction, with a beautiful effect. The price is USD 6.70!

10 Best Frostivus Skins in Dota

Frosty the Sew-Man - Pudge

Frosty the Sew-Man is another Pudge skin set destined for its persona, and of course, it offers the persona as well! The set design is pretty simple, very similar to the default persona, but it adds a different hook and headpiece. The price is USD 38.00!

10 Best Frostivus Skins in Dota

Jingle Fist - Tusk

The following cosmetic fits very well with the Christmas theme and is perfectly chosen for Tusk! The whole skin is just a simple Christmas glove with some bells on the knuckles. The best part of the item is the special effect, the Merry Fist-Mas! The price is USD 35.00!

10 Best Frostivus Skins in Dota


And we've reached the end of Santa's list. We hope you enjoyed the article of the best Frostivus skins and our choices. Don't forget, prices might be high in the first few days, so buy with care. Enjoy the event, and we wish you a Merry Frostivus!

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