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The best cheap CSGO skins under USD 1 in 2023

Cheap CSGO skins that you want to own in 2023

Topic: The best cheap CSGO skins under $1

In today's article we are looking at 25 of the best cheap CS:GO skins that are cheaper than USD 1! We wish you all a lot of fun when reading and hope the one or other of you finds a new playskin!

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Five-SeveN | Retrobution (Field-Tested): $0.52

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For our first skin we got a lovely, colorful Five-SeveN that comes close to USD 1 and might be the perfect, cheap addition to your pistol loadout.

Cheap CS:GO Skins Five-SeveN | Retrobution

XM1014 | Seasons (Field-Tested): $0.93

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We stay colorful for now! The XM1014 Seasons also costs close to USD 1 and might be your new favorite heavy gun.

Cheap CS:GO Skins XM1014 | Seasons

PP-Bizon | Osiris (Minimal Wear): $0.67

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An old, classy one - the PP-Bizon Osiris is probably the classy starting PP but still convinces with a lovely orange/black combination and has a price tag of around USD 1.

Cheap CS:GO Skins PP-Bizon | Osiris

Negev | Power Loader (Field-Tested): $0.66

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Everyone's favorite gun when being down 0:13 and already giving up on the game. But why not give up in style with the shiny yellow/blue Negev Power Loader?

Cheap CS:GO Skins Negev | Power Loader

MAC-10 | Last Dive (Field-Tested): $0.93

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Rush B? Not exactly the last dive, but probably a last chance to recover your T-half. The lovely MAC-10 shown below is not only quite cheap but also looking great and unique!

Cheap CS:GO Skins MAC-10 | Last Dive

UMP-45 | Exposure (Minimal Wear): $0.53

Buy Options & Information

Talking about great cheap CSGO skins: One of the most unique designs in the game. For the price of a McDonald’s cheeseburger in 2010 you can get yourself an amazing UMP addition to your blue loadout!

Cheap CS:GO Skins UMP-45 | Exposure

USP-S | Check Engine (Field-Tested): $0.99

Buy Options & Information

Perfectly fitting the blue inventory theme from our last skin. Next up we got the USP Check Engine which is a lovely red-themed skin for below USD 1!

Cheap CS:GO Skins USP-S | Check Engine

P250 | Nevermore (Minimal Wear): $0.62

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This time around we are not messing around with you and actually, bring up a fitting follow-up skin! The P250 Nevermore is the partner for the Red Engine in your new CT loadout!

Cheap CS:GO Skins P250 | Nevermore

AK-47 | Elite Build (Field-Tested): $1.08

Buy Options & Information

A classy one ... that nevertheless deserves a spot here in the article. The AK-47 Elite Build is one of the cleanest and also cheapest AK-47 skins out there.

Cheap CS:GO Skins AK-47 | Elite Build

SG 553 | Tiger Moth (Minimal Wear): $0.99

Buy Options & Information

Talking about main T-rifles: This colorful, amazingly looking SG is way cheaper than many would probably expect. A must-have if you do not already have a SG!

Cheap CS:GO Skins SG 553 | Tiger Moth

Five-SeveN | Boost Protocol (Minimal Wear): $1.49

Buy Options & Information

We already had a Five-SeveN before in this article about cheap CSGO skins but that one here is definitely also worth showing! Some of you might have never seen the Boost Protocol, but that uniquely designed pistol looks absolutely amazing in-game!

Cheap CS:GO Skins Five-SeveN | Boost Protocol

Tec-9 | Avalanche (Field-Tested): $0.74

Buy Options & Information

A classy one... The shiny light blue Tec-9 Avalanche is a must-have for blue loadouts and never disappoints in-game! A very solid solution if you are looking for a rather cheap Tec-9!

Cheap CS:GO Skins Tec-9 | Avalanche

M4A4 | Poly Mag (Factory New): $0.52

Buy Options & Information

It is quite hard to find good looking main rifles for below USD 1, but the M4A4 Poly Mag definitely delivers. A simple, but great looking skin!

Cheap CS:GO Skins M4A4 | Poly Mag

AWP | Phobos (Minimal Wear): $1.06

Buy Options & Information

Probably not everyone's favorite AWP skin, but a solid option considering the rather small amount of available "Big Greens" for under a dollar.

Cheap CS:GO Skins AWP | Phobos

MAG-7 | Monster Call (Minimal Wear): $0.56

Buy Options & Information

Everyone's favorite second-round force heavy gun. Even though we do not hunt monsters in CS:GO, the MAG-7 Monster Call seems to be the perfect skin for artwork lovers! Definitely price-worthy.

Cheap CS:GO Skins MAG-7 | Monster Call

SSG 08 | Ghost Crusader (Field-Tested): $0.41

Buy Options & Information

For all of you who enjoy playing our triple speed sniper we got a uniquely designed SSG 08 Ghost Crusader, that will more or less fit every inventory type.

Cheap CS:GO Skins SSG 08 | Ghost Crusader

P2000 | Handgun (Minimal Wear): $1.01

Buy Options & Information

The name already gives us a good hint about what we are talking now. A lovely CT Handgun with a one of its kind design in CS:GO. For below an USD definitely an amazing option for your default pistol on the CT side.

Cheap CS:GO Skins P2000 | Handgun

MP9 | Bioleak (Factory New): $0.21

Buy Options & Information

Such a lovely designed MP9, that has a greenish design and is definitely still worth trying for its price point!

Cheap CS:GO Skins MP9 | Bioleak

PP-Bizon | Space Cat (Minimal Wear): $0.55

Buy Options & Information

A cat in space? What we know ... this PP is definitely out of this world with a somewhat spooky white/purple design that looks absolutely stunning. For that price tag, you should consider this PP for your loadout if you are looking for on of the best cheap CSGO skins!!

Cheap CS:GO Skins PP-Bizon | Space Cat

R8 Revolver | Crazy 8 (Field-Tested): $0.52

Buy Options & Information

I mean does anyone really use the R8 anymore since it can not be used to hit running one-taps across the map anymore? I guess not, but if you do so ... we got a super cool purple/black skin for you named Crazy 8!

Cheap CS:GO Skins R8 Revolver | Crazy 8

AWP | Acheron (Field-Tested): $0.72

Buy Options & Information

For all the star-AWPers under us, we needed to add a second skin when talking about cheap CSGO skins. The AWP Acheron is not extremely special or flashy, but a solid alternative if you are looking for an AWP skin below USD 1!

Cheap CS:GO Skins AWP | Acheron

Nova | Koi (Minimal Wear): $0.73

Buy Options & Information

We love some older, classy skins! The Nova Koi provides a cool white/red design on a weapon nobody is able to make kills with. Lovely right?

Cheap CS:GO Skins Nova | Koi

CZ75-Auto | Tacticat (Minimal Wear): $0.58

Buy Options & Information

Talking about good-looking weapons that nobody plays ... what a lovely CZ75 with a pink style. Unique and beautiful!

Cheap CS:GO Skins CZ75-Auto | Tacticat

Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline (Minimal Wear): $0.84

Buy Options & Information

We will stay on the pink train for now. The Deagle Trigger Discipline might be your new favorite mini-AWP! A lovely look for below USD 1.

Cheap CS:GO Skins Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline

M4A1-S | Fizzy POP (Minimal Wear): $0.80

Buy Options & Information

Last but not least, we got a M4A1-S for all of you. The Fizzy POP is probably your best, cheap CSGO skin option.

Cheap CS:GO Skins M4A1-S | Fizzy POP


We hope you enjoyed reading through today's article about the best cheap CSGO skins under USD 1 and found the one or other skin that you would like to get for yourself. Have a great rest of your day and consider following us on Twitter or check out the articles right below this paragraph.

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