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M0NESY live, career, story - The Wonderkid!

The Story of m0NESY

Topic: CS:GO m0NESY career, life, story

Today we will talk about one of the biggest talents the CS:GO scene has ever seen. With only 16 years of age, he´s part of one of the greatest Esport organizations in the world and is able to develop his skills alongside experienced and legendary players.

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First (big) steps

Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov is a Russian CS:GO professional that was born on May 1st, 2005! In one of his first interviews in 2019, he stated that he was only 5-6 years old when he got introduced to video games. He came to CS through his brother who attended some 1.6 LAN events and used his pc to gain his first experiences in the game when his brother was out of the house! His first time reaching Global Elite was on a laptop at the age of 10. Two years later he already hit level 10 on Faceit. Back then he already played for 6-7 hours a day.

While his parents, logically, were not all too fine with his quite time-consuming hobby of playing video games at first, his older brother convinced them that he could be successful in what he's doing. At the age of 14, he already was around 3800 Elo on Faceit, which is nothing short of amazing. His stated goal was to join a good team by the age of 16, and so it should be. (Source)


Picture Source: Adela Sznajder EPLS15


Ilya played his first event recorded on Liquipedia.net on 27.07.2019 together with his teammates called "NewBALLS". After six C-Tier events, including one tournament win, he was signed by NAVI for their youth project and played the first official event with them in mid-2020. During his time with NAVI, which was one of the first teams to work on an academy/youth project, he played in multiple B- and C-Tier events and among others placed second at the WePlay Academy League Season 2!

During this event, he also had a first longer interview with Ellanark Jesus in which he stated that he wasn't nervous at all. He was confident in his abilities and knew that he could outperform others in the tournament. Every interview piece I read through or heard him talking m0NESY seems like one of the most grounded people in the scene! His enormous skill set, which he worked hard for is paired with the will to learn from others and continuously improve. "I think that it doesn't matter if you are over 20 or… You need to put in the same effort as you did at 16 or 17. You have to keep going." (Source)

The Breakthrough

The real breakthrough for the 16-year old happened on 03.01.2022. An announcement was made that should change his career forever! One of the most legendary Esport organizations, G2 Esports, decided to pick up the youngster from NAVI Junior for around USD 600.000 (Source). An enormous investment for a player who has never even played a S-Tier tournament, but after a shaky first event together with the new lineup at BLAST Spring Groups, everything already seemed to pay off at IEM Katowice!


Picture Source: Stephanie Lindgren IEM-Katowice

While he was expected to struggle a bit on the first big stage of his career he did nothing but exceed expectations. Not only did he bring a stunning 1.15 Rating 2.0 (hltv) to the table, but he also delivered in game deciding situations, like the B-short retake on Mirage where probably hundreds of thousands at home screamed out loud while jumping out of their chairs.


Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov - probably the greatest, most dedicated, and especially grounded and sympathetic prodigy the CS:GO scene has ever seen. Not only did he find his destination and dedication in his early childhood, but also has a huge spirit on continuously improving his skill set! In their official announcement, G2 were quoted saying: "At just 16 years old, Ilya has established a brand for himself, playing among the best of the best in EU FPL."

We hope you enjoyed reading through the article & we wish everybody a great day! Make sure to show m0NESY much love on his socials: Twitter, Instagram, Twitch

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