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CS:GO Shoe Designs - The Story Of Mr.fockS

One of the best artists in the CS:GO community!

CS:GO Shoe Designs - The Story Of Mr.fockS

Today we are taking a closer look at the story and development of Mr.fockS, a Twitter user that combined his passion for CS:GO with his art skills. He has focused on painting CS:GO artworks on shoes and makes them not only unique but also an unbelievable collector's piece for any person in the CS:GO community. Enjoy taking a look at the story of Mr.fockS, one of the most amazing artists CS:GO has ever seen.

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The Start

Mr.fockS, also known as Daniel, is a design student and decided to make unique shoe designs with CS:GO artworks at the beginning of this year. He is the first person that we ever saw doing something like that within the CS:GO community and we love it!

What made you start to paint shoes in CS:GO designs, where did the idea come from and how well did it work at the beginning?

"I always loved to create things and do artsy stuff. At some point, I got bored from painting and I was continually watching YT-Videos of shoe customizations, etc. It wasn’t going out of my head since I always want to get things done the same second they come to my head. So I ordered the first shoe colors. At that time I couldn’t afford the expensive leather paint nor Air Force 1's. I went with colors for fabric to customize my old shoes which were mostly Vans. That was in 2019. My creations were mostly doodles or that graffiti kind of stuff. I really wanted to make something special and not stick with these „common patterns“. As I already played CS:GO for 2 years back then - I loved it as much as nowadays - I quickly came to the realization of making skin themed shoes."
MrFocks CS:GO Shoes

First ever shoe design

Interesting to hear that your first shoe designs date back to a time before CS:GO artworks and that you decided to combine your passion for art and shoe design with your love for CS:GO! Can you remember what your first ever shoe design was?

"My favorite skins were from the Neo Noir collection so I thought these could look sick on some Air Force 1’s. White Air Force 1’s were one of my favorite shoes and they are the perfect canvas. I also really like to stick to them so I have a personal style and theme. And yes… It worked out PERFECT from the beginning. AF1’s are expensive so I customize them slowly, with much love and detail. Thanks to this attitude I didn’t make any mistakes. I was really scared at the beginning if everything works out as fine as the imagination in my head. And luckily it did :D"
MrFocks CS:GO Shoes

Perfection and uniqueness

From the beginning, his works seemed to be flawless. The end results absolutely convinced with perfection and beautiful designs. Furthermore, so far, every shoe design seems to be a 1/1 and with that, not a single artwork got repeated on another shoe. Do you in general plan to never repeat a design and keep every piece a 1/1? What are your next projects/designs that you will work on?

"Yes, I would love to keep every shoe a 1/1. But if someone tells me he really wants to also have a pair of e.g. „Wild Lotus“ AF1’s I will customize him one. Imo it would still stay a 1/1. I would think about little changes, for example on the Nike logo. Also, the artworks would never look identical. Maybe the size of the blossom differs or the colors look a little darker or brighter. But yeah, if it’s possible and the customer is okay with it, I would love to keep every pair a 1/1. I am working on two new pairs atm. The first will be the iconic „Dragon Lore“ and the second one will also have „Dragon“ in its name… so stay tuned :D"
MrFocks CS:GO Shoes


His talent is obvious and the feedback from the community is amazing. We could well imagine a shoe series/limited edition for CS:GO fans or other franchises. Would you be up to working together with a big shoe company/organization on something like that if they would ask you? What are your future plans/goals?

"Definitely yes! I love the CS:GO community and if someone would give me an opportunity like that I would gladly take it :D. My next plan/goal is to finish the next two years at the design school I’m attending. After that I will maybe take a year „off“, to customize CS:GO shoes, enlarge my Social Media and concentrate on a YT-channel."
MrFocks CS:GO Shoes


It was an absolute pleasure to chat with one of the most creative minds in the CS:GO community. We have been following his story from the very beginning and are proud to see his development. We hope you enjoyed reading the story of Mr.fockS, the man who makes the most amazing CS:GO shoe designs. Cheers.
MrFocks CS:GO Shoes

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