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Thicc Squidward Inventory Review

Inventory Review Special: Thicc Squidward

Topic: CS:GO Inventory Review Thicc Squidward

You might wonder: Is he writing about himself? - No actually not. Our one and only in terms of Inventory Reviews is sadly not available to deliver an article for you this week, that´s why I thought I would surprise him with a little piece about his inventory! I will try to make it worth his awesome inventory and also his high standard when it comes to reviews!

A total of $ 14,600 worth of skins can be found in his stunning loadout according to the Sharkbay Discord server. His inventory shows a wide range of amazing crafts as well as four knives and three gloves, we will have a look at all of that in a moment.

  jAlex   Andy

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General inventory

When talking about crafts, we see a wide variety of quite some high-tier ones. His inventory features eight Kato 14 crafts, as well as seven Kato 15 crafts, multiple of those are holos! I had a really hard time selecting on what skins I would love to show in this review as I wanted to stick with the "normal" six but already had 14 tabs open after first looking through everything!

For the honorable mention, I couldn´t really decide if I should start with one of his 10, partly really stunning AWPs, or his #2 highest float Survival Knife Stained, but in the end, I had to go with two very special souvenir skins. He has a PP-Bizon and a Nova from the EMS One Katowice 2014 Championship, one with a Titan and one with an IBP Foil. What an absolutely stunning combo!

Classy? BUT GOOD!

He might be mad at me for going with the "most logical" combo in this section, but I´m really a fan of that combination. He went for a good old Bayonet Marble Fade and paired it with some Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls. Quite a perfect fit on that one!

While the knife comes in at a .018 FN float, the gloves are MW with a 0.097 float! Apart from very little scratches on the top of the left glove, those look extremely clean! Please pardon me if the details on the skins are not as precise as usual, I´m by far not as big of an expert as the beloved man we´re talking about!


The Sawed-Off with a Reason...

... to be in this article. What a stunning Shot-Gun. Although the competition was big, I just had to go with that beautiful 0.111 float Sawed-Off The Kraken. Applied on it are not only two chill surf boys, but especially a Katowice 2014 Reason Gaming Holo sticker!

The sticker has quite a unique fit on the gun and implements itself close to perfectly to the pattern of the Kraken. A stunning fit and for that one, we´re not only talking about a 1/3 craft overall, but also the lowest float of those three!


MAG-7 Copenhagen Wolves

When thinking about the fact that this one made it instead of an AWP Medusa with a VOX Eminor holo Kato 15 sticker I start questioning myself as well, don´t worry! BUT I fell in love with the unique and beautiful craft combination of that MAG-7!

The craft is a 1/1 and comes in at a float of .0062, which is ranked 160 in the world. Unique and above all an absolute stunning fit! I really love how the stickers seem to perfectly adapt to every movement of the gun itself!


Banger ALERT! - M4A1

We´re continuing with one hell of a craft! Next, we got an M4A1-S Master Piece with four Katowice 2015 Natus Vincere holos. Quite a stunning combination. The M4A1 comes in with a .005 float and is ranked #32 in the world! All float ranks & other craft stats are determined with the help of float.db!

Ingame the M4A1 is logically stunning clean and those stickers are just bangers in themselves! Although I´m not sure if I like the color fit 100% combination-wise, that´s a banger of a craft! For those of you interested, we´re talking about a 1/4 craft worldwide!


The perfect double! - AK-47

Although I had multiple stunning AKs to choose, I had to go with that stunning Katowice 2015 holo craft that fits the M4A1 greatly! We´re talking about an AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge with a mixed Kato 15 holo craft! Unlike most of his skins in his inventory, we don´t have a very low float one here. But that doesn´t matter all too much as the Aquamarine still looks hella clean!

Ingame the combination is quite shiny and overall beautiful! Some might disagree, but I for myself am a big fan of unique mixed crafts. Also great that the original crafter made the right decision to put the VOX Eminor holo on the wood!


Mr. Prince for the AWP

This mad man has two AWPs with Kato 14 holo stickers, one with a Kato 15 holo sticker and definitely the most insane AWP collection I have seen in my long inventory reviewing history! Jokes apart, we´re talking about a Medusa with a VOX holo, an Electric Hive with a Dignitas holo, and a Prince with a MOUZ holo!

I had to go with the last one, as this combination looks absolutely amazing ingame. Paired with three chrisJ Gold stickers the Katowice 2014 MOUZ holo on the scope is quite stunning. Furthermore, we´re talking about the #11 highest Prince in the world!


All Screenshots are made on the Broskins servers!


Overall, I was surprised by the wide variety of amazing crafts in this inventory! Our Mr. Inventory Reviews isn´t only critical when it comes to reviewing, but also about selecting his own collection!

The only thing that I would love to see, as a collector myself, is a clear dedication towards one direction. But I see why he decided to go for multiple different stickers and tournaments, as nearly all of his crafts are matching quite perfectly!


My rating will be a 9.555 as I love to see a wide range of variety of high-tier skins, paired with amazing crafts! His combo is "simple" but a great fit and his big collection of different skins as well as knives gives room for changing up your playing loadout completely!

I loved switching into his role for the review and as this article comes as a surprise for him I want to once again thank him for his amazing work throughout the last months and his weekly banger of articles!

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