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Top-10 Best AWP Duality Sticker Crafts CS:GO

Best CS:GO AWP Duality Crafts!

On February 10, 2023, Valve added the Revolution case, ending a 223-day-long drought without a single new skin added to the game. Although the initial AWP skin in the case was called the “Doodle Lore”, it was replaced by the AWP Duality after a few days of drama surrounding allegations of plagiarism. Now that everything has settled, and there are plenty of AWP Dualitys to start crafting with, we are taking a look at 10 of the best AWP Duality Crafts.

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1x Till Death Do Us Part

This sticker, which was released back in 2014, is a perfect fit when applied to the scope of the new AWP Duality. The maroon background color fits wonderfully with the darkly colored skin, and the elegant gold text matches perfectly with the detailed gold border artwork of the skin. Despite being almost 9 years old, this sticker can be purchased for just $1.18, making this a great option for a budget AWP Duality craft.

CS:GO AWP Duality Sticker Craft Till Death Do Us

1x Showdown (Foil)

While slightly more expensive with a sticker price of $9.00, this craft has a similar theme to the previous one. The Showdown (Foil) features the red wolf of the M4A4 Howl fighting the infamous gold dragon of the Dragon Lore. The red and gold color scheme is a perfect fit on the AWP Duality, with the colors of the howl matching the body of the snakes displayed on the skin, while the gold dragon lore matches the artistic gold design on the borders of the AWP.

CS:GO AWP Duality Sticker Craft Showdown

1x Blue Moon Tentaskull

This round, octopus-themed sticker is a perfect fit on the AWP Duality for multiple reasons. Not only does the dark red background of the sticker match almost perfectly with the shade of red painted throughout the skin, but the tentacles of the octopus on the sticker share a similar theme to the body of the snake painted onto the AWP Duality. Best of all, with a price tag of just $0.36, this is one of the cheapest AWP Duality crafts, and regardless of price, it looks absolutely stunning!

CS:GO AWP Duality Sticker Blue Moon Tentaskull

4x Nemiga (Holo) | 2020 RMR

While the intricate artwork of the AWP Duality makes it best for scope crafts rather than 4x crafts, there are a few options for 4x crafts that work with the overall theme of the skin. One of these crafts uses 4 holographic stickers from the 2020 RMR participant Nemiga. The white logo of this $0.18 sticker ($0.72 total) works wonderfully with the splashes of light placed throughout the skin, and the holographic red background matches with the red body of the AWP Duality’s snakes.

CS:GO AWP Duality Sticker Craft Showdown

4x G2 Esports (Holo) | MLG Columbus 2016

The second and final 4x craft featured on our list of the best AWP Duality skins is one perfect for any MLG Columbus 2016 sticker enjoyers. This warmly colored sticker shares many colors with the Duality, and of course, the white G2 logo matches wonderfully with the white splashes placed throughout the skin. However, because the stickers are so well designed, they will cost you a pricey $20 per sticker for a total craft cost of $80.

CS:GO AWP Duality Sticker Craft G2 MLG Columbus

1x FaZe Clan (Foil) | London 2018

While this craft definitely isn't the most perfect in terms of color matching, something about the sleek red outlined FaZe Clan logo makes this sticker a perfect fit with the AWP Duality. Similarly, the faint, deep red border of the hexagonal sticker is a wonderful match with the dark red paint on the front of the body of the AWP. Similarly priced to the stickers used in the previous craft, this sticker will cost you around $21.

CS:GO AWP Duality Sticker Craft FaZe London

1x Too Old For This

Part of the CS20 sticker collection, which celebrated 20 years of Counter-Strike, the $0.20 Too Old For This sticker has a near-perfect color scheme for the AWP Duality. The right side of the sticker features a darker red color, which almost matches the shade of red that makes up the body of the snakes on the skin. The left side of the sticker features white lettering, which nicely complements the white waves on the body of the skin, as well as the gleaming design on its edges.

CS:GO AWP Duality Sticker Craft Too Old For This

1x LGB eSports (Holo) | Katowice 2015

While we often do our best to stick to more accessible priced crafts at EsportFire, it is often hard to omit crafts such as this, regardless of their high price. The brightly colored holographic LGB logo perfectly complements the various shades of red throughout the AWP Duality. For any Katowice 2015 enjoyers who are willing to pay the $327 price tag that this craft carries, this is an essential AWP Duality craft.

CS:GO AWP Duality LGB Katowice 2015

1x Mouz (Holo) | Rio 2022

While many Rio 2022 holographic stickers are just beginning to grow on people 5 months after they were released, the Mouz (Holo) was different: Many loved it immediately upon release. The bright red Mouz logo works beautifully with the red theme of the skin, and the holographic background particularly matches well with the front portion of the AWP Duality. With a sticker price of $12, this is a perfect craft for fans of the Mouz (Holo) stickers.

CS:GO AWP Duality Sticker Craft Mouz Rio 2022

1x Ancient Beast

Taking the final spot on our list of the best AWP Duality crafts is this simple craft which has a sticker price of just $0.07, making it by far the best AWP Duality craft for under $0.10. Although some may think that the Ancient Beast (Foil) would work better on the AWP, you will find that the subtle green and grey color or the paper version of the sticker actually matches better with the darkly colored skin, particularly the scope where the sticker is placed.

CS:GO AWP Duality Sticker Craft Ancient Beast


That's it with today's article about some great AWP Duality sticker crafts. If you enjoyed it, make sure to check out some of our latest articles down below and follow us on Twitter! Have an awesome rest of your day.

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