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Top-10 Most Expensive CSGO Stickers apart from Katowice 2014

The most expensive CSGO stickers

Topic: Top-10 Most Expensive CS:GO Stickers

In today's article we take a look at 10 of the most expensive CS:GO stickers out there, excluding Katowice 2014 stickers. For the research we browsed buff.163.com and took a look at the current listenings, as well as the average of the latest sales.

We hope you enjoy the topic and reading/watching through some of the most expensive stickers out there!
Little add: Stickers that could also be integrated in the list are: Bosten 2018 seang@res Gold, Boston 2018 somebody Gold & Howling Down!

by @jAlexCSGO
TN by: @Andy

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Table of Content

The exceptions

We are starting off our Top-10 most expensive stickers article with the only two non-gold ones today. With the King on the Field we got one of the oldest and most legendary stickers in existence. On the other hand we have our only team sticker of this series. The Katowice 2015 VOX Eminor Holo manages to keep up with all the Gold autographs!

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The beginning ...

Next up we got two, out of many, Krakow Gold autographs! The stickers we are talking about are the Krakow 2017 editions of the electronic and suNny Gold stickers. The price tags of these are both slightly above USD 1.000.

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The big S

On our spots five and six we got one out of two Boston stickers in this article, as well as another Krakow 2017 one. First up, with a price tag of around USD 1.300, we got our legendary flickmaster kennyS with the Boston Gold edition of his signature. Next to it and around the same price tag we got the legendary keshandr Gold Krakow 2017 sticker.

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We're coming closer and closer to the most expensive stickers of this article. Next up is s1mple with his Boston 2018 Gold sticker and the shiny ropz Gold autograph from Krakow 2017! For the first time in this article we reach the USD 2.000 mark!

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Holy Grails of Autographs

Unsurprisingly the two most legendary signatures of our beloved game remain on top of this article. Our final two are the Krakow Gold stickers of kennyS and s1mple. With prices up to USD 3.000 that are already closing in on legendary stickers such as the Katowice 2014 mousesports Holo.

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We hope you enjoyed today’s article about some of the most expensive stickers in existence! It’s hard to get accurate prices on all of them but we tried to give you a good overview. Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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