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Top 15 Budget Pistol Sticker Crafts (Under $5)

Some amazing budget pistol crafts

Topic: Top 15 Budget Pistol Sticker Crafts (Under $5)

While CS:GO’s rifles tend to get all of the attention in both gameplay and skins, pistols put in a lot more work behind the scenes than some people realize. They are essential for pistol rounds, low economy rounds, and when you run out of ammunition in your primary weapon. For these reasons, it is just as vital to have a solid collection of pistols in your CS:GO inventory as it is to have good rifle skins and crafts. To help you fill your inventory with the best budget pistol crafts, we have compiled 15 different crafts that all cost less than $5!

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Glock-18 | Red Tire + 4x Heroic (Glitter) | Antwerp 2022

The first of our two Glock-18 crafts is an extremely clean combination of a relatively new Glock skin and some new stickers. The black wings on the borderless Heroic logo combine with the glitter effect and blend perfectly with the tire texture and pattern on the skin. And to top it all off, the red diamond in the center of the logo fits perfectly with the red highlights on the skin, making this a perfect craft for the price of just $3.55.

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

Glock-18 | Moonrise + 4x Terrorist-Tech

This next Glock-18 craft is even cheaper than the previous, with a price tag of just $0.88, making this one of the best budget Glock-18 crafts. The purple background of the Terrorist-Tech stickers matches perfectly with the beautiful purple sky featured on the moonrise, with the added factor of the color similarities between the stars in the sky and the Terrorist symbol on the sticker.

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

USP-S | Ticket To Hell + 3x chopper (Glitter) | Antwerp 2022

With a similar price range to the previous craft at just $0.94, this is by far the best budget USP-S craft for under $1. The chopper (Glitter) sticker from the Antwerp 2022 Major is a perfect fit on the Ticket to Hell, with the signature aligning with the text of the skin while the black Team Spirit logo blends in with its black base.

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

USP-S | Cortex + Watermelon Tentaskull

This next craft is a bit more pricey at $4.40, but it is a super cool craft that is totally worth making if you have the means. The pink background matches wonderfully with the pink artwork on the Cortex, and the neon green octopus creates a really nice contrast with the rest of the skin.

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

P2000 | Obsidian + 3x Tyloo | 2020 RMR

This $1.30 P2000 is a great choice when it comes to budget P2000 sticker combinations, and it is clear to see why! The shiny red Tyloo logo matches wonderfully when applied to the red artwork on the P2000 | Obsidian, and the unique pattern of the skin and the stickers makes for a really neat craft.

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

P2000 | Gnarled + 3x CS On The Mind

Our last P2000 craft uses one of the cheapest pistol skins in CS:GO: The P2000 | Gnarled of the Fracture Collection. The pink brain featured on the CS On The Mind sticker happens to work extremely well when applied to this $0.10 skin, and with a total craft cost of just $3.78, this is one of the most unique budget P2000 crafts!

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

Dual Berettas | Urban Shock + 4x Noble

The Dual Berettas | Urban Shock is by far one of the sleekest weapon skins in CS:GO, and they are perfectly complemented by the bright blue color of the Noble sticker from the 2019 Halo Capsule. Especially for a total craft cost of just $2.50, this is one of the greatest budget pistol crafts of all time.

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

P250 | Nevermore + 3x Tyloo (Holo) | Berlin 2019

The P250 | Nevermore just may be one of the most underappreciated pistol skins in all of CS:GO. If it wasn’t good enough on its own, the application of three Tyloo Holos from the Berlin 2019 Major makes for one of the best budget P250 crafts possible. The orange of the Tyloo (Holo) perfectly complements the orange pattern painted onto the Nevermore on this $4.31 craft.

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

Tec-9 | Re-Entry + 4x Chicken of the Sky

With a total cost of $2.15 this ultimate budget Tec-9 craft is a super unique combination that takes advantage of the similarities between the color schemes of the Tec-9 | Re-Entry and the Chicken of the Sky sticker. Both stickers have a warm yellow, orange, and red color as well as a very similar shade of blue, making the two an awesome fit with each other.

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

CZ75-Auto | Eco + 4x Sprout | Rio 2022 Scraped 8x

Although the Rio Major stickers are not fully loved by the community, one thing is for sure: They scrape beautifully. This next craft puts that factor to use, combining the highly popular “Eco” skins with 4 scraped Sprout holos. The green color of the Sprout perfectly matches that of the Eco on both weapons, and when scraped to remove the background, creates a great sticker craft for just $0.78.

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard + 4x Nemiga (Holo) | 2020 RMR

This next craft is a combination of a very clean color match and a texture contrast to make an amazing Five-SeveN craft with a price of just $1.71. The red background of the Nemiga logo works extremely well with the red upper portion of Urban Hazard, and the black outline of the logo blends with the black camouflage handle.

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

Desert Eagle | Directive + 4x Black Jaggyfish

The shiny black Desert Eagle | Directive has been in the game for nearly 7 years, but it can still be purchased for as little as $0.38, making it perfect for budget Desert Eagle crafts. This one in specific uses 4 stickers from the Riptide collection, blending the shiny black Deagle with the sleek black and white sticker to make a super cool craft for just $2.22.

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco + 4x IHC Esports | Antwerp 2022

This $0.40 sticker craft is not only the cheapest featured on our list of the best budget pistol crafts, but it is also the shiniest. By combining the near-blinding bronze pattern of the Bronze Deco with some gold IHC Esports stickers from Antwerp 2022, not only can you prevent the glare from the skin from serving as a permanent flashbang when you are in a game, but also makes a super cool Gold craft!

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

R8 Revolver | Blaze + 1x Chicken of the Sky

As we close out our list of the best budget pistol crafts in CS:GO, we have yet another Chicken of the Sky craft, but this one uses the classic R8 Revolver | Blaze. Not only do the fiery colors of the Chicken of the Sky sticker blend really well with the bright orange flames when applied onto the cylinder of the Blaze, but it also looks like the bird is bravely flying into the flames of the skin!

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft

R8 Revolver | Grip + 5x Rush More

We are ending this article off with a bang by @absolutevegas who showed off this beautiful budget R8 craft that can be made for just $0.59. The craft features a perfect color match, which is almost impossible to do with such complicated skin and stickers. The blue, white, and black stickers blend perfectly with the same colors on the R8 | Grip.

CS:GO Glock-18 Pistol Sticker Craft


We hope you enjoyed today's article about some of the best CS:GO Pistol sticker crafts! Maybe you found a craft you would love to do yourself - if so, make sure to tag us on Social Media! Have an awesome rest of your day and check out another skin-related article right below this paragraph!

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