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Tradeit.gg Bug scandal -70%

Tradeit.gg with a -70% "rabat code"

Tradeit.gg did it again! They catch our attention after not paying enough attention to their features and letting an exploit slide in. Tradeit.gg is a trading site for CS:GO, Dota2, Rust and TF2 items. They have been in the business for a long time, first launching in the early days of CS:GO trading, but are currently not as actively used as other skin marketplaces.


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What happened?

Tradeit.gg had a 40% Black Friday discount while buying items on the site with cash recently. Two days ago someone found a 30% discount code for the site, which was not correctly implemented and that could be stacked up with the 40% one for a total of 70% discount. That ended up in giving the possibility of getting very cheap skins, some of them being bought even at around 50% of the normal cash value. Most of the people that bought them will end up doubling their money. The issue was online for more than 3 1/2 hours, enough time for a lot of people to exploit it while making the site to lose huge amounts of money.

Previous Issue

In the past Tradeit.gg had another "bug" in which the prices of some stickers, especially some Berlin 2019 ones, were valued completely wrong. Some of them even over 10x of their actual value. People exploited the issue for few hours, dumping them on the site in exchange for knives and other normal items. While fixing the problem the site lost a lot. Although they managed to get huge attention in the scene and with that also promotion for the page.

What's next?

They are surely affected by this event, but they are trying to spread a good vibe around on twitter, memeing around it! In spite of the loss there are absolutely no signs of them leaving the scene. They´re currently trying to make the best out of it and will surely take care of such exploits in the future! What also came out on Twitter is that @MojoOnPC is owning a good part of the shares: "I do not own 100% of it, our amazing team has shares in the business", after there was huge interaction between him and the site publicly.

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