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How to sell Counter-Strike skins for real money?

What is the best way to cash out CS skins?

Let me guess, you just unboxed an item and now you want to sell it for real money. Well, this article will help you to know all the platforms where you can sell your CS skins/items for their maximum value. Each platform is convenient to use so choose according to your preferences. So ... What is the best way to sell CS skins for real money?

In general we can highly recommend you to check out our Skin Database, which will give you a great overview of your items worth as well as current listings on many marketplaces!

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The marketplace GamerPay.gg is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and offers you to sell your skins for 0 percent fees! They are a peer-to-peer marketplace, where you can sell your skins to other users for great prices and without the risk of being scammed. After you sell the skin(s), you can withdraw your balance straight to your bank account.

Sell Skins GamerPay


Skinport is a popular marketplace located in Stuttgart, Germany. The site charges a 12 percent transaction fee on sellers which can be reduced to a minimum of 6 percent when you’re selling a high-value item. Skinport offers a variety of withdraw options through Adyen. In most countries money is sent directly to bank accounts.

Sell Skins Skinport


Buff market is the "global version" of Buff163 by NetEase. Buff163 is mainly for users in mainland China with Chinese payment methods such as Alipay and Wechat Pay, while Buff Market is for global payment such as Visa and Mastercard. On Buff163 you can only sell your skins for balance and later use that balance to get another skin as it doesn’t provide cash out facility for European or American users.

Buff market on the other hand let's you cash out your skins to your bank account. The marketplace uses the P2P trading system, meaning the sellers send their items directly to the buyer and get paid instantly. Buff market charges a handling fee (2.5 percent) for every sale of skins by the seller.

Sell Skins Buff.Market


Skinbaron is a German marketplace for CSGO, Dota2, TF2, Rust and H1Z1 skins. It is a bot-based marketplace, which means the seller must first deposit an item before it can be listed on the market. The deposit is done by sending the item to one of Skinbaron’s Steam accounts. Skinbaron charges its users a transaction fee of 15 percent per item sale. The site offers a variety of withdraw options and you can directly withdraw the money to your Bank account.

Sell Skins Skinbaron


Next up in our article about how to sell CS skins for real money is CSGO Float, another P2P trading platform with a 2% selling fee. The site has multiple withdraw options including crypto and bank! The website is associated with CStech software Inc. which is registered in Canada and the page is also known for its huge item database.

Cash out Skins CSGOFloat


Bitskins is an OG skin marketplace for CS and Dota 2 items with a 10 percent selling fee. Furthermore, they also implemented P2P trading recently. You can withdraw funds to any verified VISA card that can accept direct deposits.

Cash out Skins Bitskins


SkinBid is a Danish page where you can buy and sell Counter-Strike skins, as well as auction items. The page has a 8 percent seller fee, while buying skins has no fees. When selling high valued items (€ 1,500+) the fee reduces to 3,5 percent. You can withdraw balance straight to your bank account.

Cash out Skins SkinBid


Swap.gg is "the premier skin trading platform" as stated in their Twitter bio. The site offers a trading bot, where you can directly exchange skins, but also a market, where you can buy and sell skins. The current sales fee on Swap is 5 percent per item sale.

Cash out Skins Swap


TradeIt.gg also offers a direct trading bot service as well as a Marketplace for CSGO, RUST and TF2 items. When trading your items with a bot on TradeIt, a 2% trading fee is applied, along with an additional fee ranging from 0% to 13?pending on the item. However, when selling an item directly to TradeIt, the fee amount will be a lot higher. The only available cash withdrawal option on TradeIt is through cryptocurrency.

Cash out Skins Swap

Sell Direct to a CASH TRADER

If you want to sell your skin and don’t want to use a 3rd party site to save your time and selling fee, you can sell to a cash trader, but keep in mind that this is a risky move and there are a lot of scammers out there impersonating trusted traders. Here is an article for you “On how to cash out your skins safely”. You can find buyers on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook groups and Discord servers.


We hope this article helped you to find the best way to sell your CS skins for real money! If u need help with other skin related topics feel free to check out our other articles that are linked below or join or Discord!

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