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Why is the M4A4 Howl Contraband? The story of CS most legendary skin!

What makes the M4A4 Howl so unique?

Topic: Why is the M4A4 Howl Contraband? The story of CS most legendary skin!

CSGO Skins have certainly evolved beyond being just in-game items, as their real value is highly influenced by the community. Most of the skins are created by the community and submitted to the Steam Workshop platform, where people share their own creative designs. These designs go through a voting and selection process, and if chosen, they have the opportunity to be officially included in the game.

However, despite Valve's strict DMCA policy, there have been instances where copyright infringement has occurred. One notable example is the Howl skin, which was initially approved for in-game use. Shortly after its release, it was discovered that the design was the intellectual property of a different artist, leading to copyright infringement concerns. As a result, the skin was promptly removed from circulation.

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The Infamous Tale of M4A4 Howl

The story of the Howl is well-known among active Counter-Strike players in the community. The news of its removal and transformation into a contraband CS skin caused its price to skyrocket. This sudden surge was fueled by the circulating discussions about the legitimacy of the design after its release. Players who managed to obtain the Howl through unboxing experienced significant profits as a result.

In 2014, two designers, "Auzzii" and "SiC," uploaded a CSGO skin and a sticker design to the workshop. The design, called "Howling Dawn," garnered over 4,000 ratings within the community. In his submission, Auzzii described the artwork as an illustration of his dog, creatively portrayed as a fiery wolf with a unique twist.

Why is the M4A4 Howl Contraband?


The design was later chosen by Valve to become the new M4 skin and was included in the "Huntsman Collection." Both Auzzii and SiC received recognition and rewards for their selected artwork. However, the original artist, a DeviantArt user named "CanisAlbus," eventually discovered that his artwork had been stolen by Auzzii and SiC.

Upon learning about the situation, CanisAlbus took action against the copyright infringement of his "Howling Dawn" design and requested its removal from the game. Valve received a DMCA notice and promptly took action against the individuals who stole the artwork. As a consequence, the "Howl" skin, along with a few other skins created by SiC, was removed from the game. Valve then released an updated version of the M4 Howl.

Additionally, the creators who had stolen the artwork faced three community bans as a result of their actions.

Current situation of the M4A4 Howl

The M4A4 Howl is no longer obtainable from any cases. Previously, it was part of the Huntsman Case Collection, making it the only Contraband skin and one of the reasons for its high price at the moment. As of 2023, a Factory New condition M4 Howl StatTrak is currently selling for over $12,000 in cash value. Its limited availability has contributed to its immense value, making it a highly sought-after and prized possession among collectors and players.

The controversy surrounding its initial design, coupled with its fascinating history, further enhances its desirability within the CSGO community.

Why is the M4A4 Howl Contraband?


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