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Workshop skins that never got introduced to the game

Skins that never got released

Topic: CS:GO Workshop skins

We're looking at some banger skins in this new series that never got introduced to CS:GO. Community creators spend countless hours publishing their own skins on the Steam CS:GO Workshop and we want to show off some of them!

by @Mr. Jesus
TN by: @Andy

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Table of Content


"Frostbite" is a simple and awesome design that's showcasing the weapons as a frozen version with great details. The skins look brilliant and seems like something many would use in-game. We could also imagine some amazing sticker crafts on it! The design was uploaded on the following weapons: M4A1, M4A4, MP5, and USP, but sadly never got introduced to the game. A skin creator named Graff made them in mid-2018, so quite some time ago!

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Thug Life

"Thug Life" became a huge symbol with 2Pac and is used in multiple areas. This time around we got a "Thug Life" skin, and it's a banger. The creator decided to go for a MAC-10 and made the art look very clean! The background represents a classic bandana model from American Gangs. Above it, there's just the Thug Life slogan in a perfect placement! This skin was also made in mid-2018 by Graff.

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We all love these crazy popping colors, and oh boy so many of them are out there in the workshop. One of them is the Glock "Z-enix", made by Nextgenz in late 2016! This Glock is super nice and fits well all together. With four popping colors, two types of pink and two of blue the color scheme and combination are unique. Even the Battle-Scarred version looks amazing, which is a very important part for all the float collectors!

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The Samurai

We sadly don't have many White and Yellow skins in the game atm! Here is a good example of how cool this combination actually is. We got an amazing P90 made by N3R0 in 2018. He made a beautiful Samurai draw over a white background with some black parts. Furthermore, it's very lovely to see the small details in Chinese, they are fitting it perfectly! Also, the Battle-Scarred version is not that bad either, the white part is getting scraped and the Samurai draw remains in its full beauty!

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Hallo Hallo Halloween

Such a masterpiece! This Pumpkin AUG would be loved, we're sure! The drawing is fitting perfectly and the flashy color makes it very lovely. It's nice how he decided to let the front of the skin full black which makes a good contrast. The things I like the most is for sure the small lamps which add a glowing vibe. This beast was also made by N3R0, this time in 2019!

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We hope you enjoyed watching through some skins that never got introduced to the game. If you enjoy some of them feel free to visit their Workshop page via the Source link under every picture! To all the skin and community creators in general: We appreciate your work, you're awesome!

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