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EsportFire World Ranking

World Ranking - General Explanations

Topic: EsportFire World Ranking Explanations

Welcome to our explanational article of the EsportFire World Ranking! First of all I want to mention that we´re updating our ranking after every S-Tier event! Due to a limited dataset for our World Ranking we decided to exclusively include S-Tier events in our List. Our ranking furthermore resets every New Year. More information below!

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Ranking Criterias

When it comes to the data points we decided to work with a win/loss percentage! Teams will get points according to the amount of wins compared to their losses in the respective tournament. Those points will be counted over the whole year, while older events get more and more irrelevant as we want to have a focus on an event-based ranking!

Relevant in our ranking are only the main events and to categorise S-Tier events we use Liquipedia.net! With that said we hope you enjoy our content and overall are always open for feedback or suggestions! If you got some constructive critisim or want to join our journey hit us up on Twitter, Email (support@esportfire.com) or our Contact formular! Enjoy your day everybody.

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