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CS:GO Major Antwerp: Day one Recap + Preview

Recap + Preview of day one and two + Arena photos

Topic: CS:GO PGL Major Antwerp Recap + Preview + Live photos

Day one of the playoffs concluded with some exciting games and crazy matches. The first two quarterfinals finished with the matches of FaZe against Ninjas In Pajamas, and Spirit versus FURIA.

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The playoffs kicked off with a heater of a matchup, FaZe v NIP. The series began with FaZe’s map pick on Nuke, a surprising pick considering NIPs current strength on the map. Regardless of the confusing pick, FaZe ended up showing excellent performance. Throughout the map, both teams struggled for dominance in a balanced affair but eventually saw FaZe take off on CT, winning the map 16-10.


Map two was Overpass, NIP’s map pick. Similarly to map one, the match was extremely even throughout the first half, seeing it end 8-7 in FaZe’s favor. The second half started with a FaZe pistol round win, followed by NiP stealing the next three. Afterward, FaZe traded back the next three rounds, but NIP ended up closing out the rest of the game with ease, winning the map 16-13.


After an electric first two matches, the series came to a close on everyone's favorite decider Inferno. The map started, with gaining a commanding lead of 8-3, but saw FaZe battle back for an even 8-7 half. The second half was nothing like the first, and FaZe had the momentum through the whole half, dominating NiP to win out, finishing 16-8.


Spirit vs. FURIA

Spirit and FURIA; are two teams no one expected to get this far, however, these two teams broke through their boundaries to make it to the playoffs. This series started off with FURIA’s map pick, Vertigo. Vertigo was a slugfest, this map saw both sides stringing together rounds, with momentum shifting every few rounds. Both halves followed the same trend, eventually with Spirit getting enough momentum to string together five rounds to get the win, 16-12.


Map two was Spirits map, and they chose Ancient as their pick. The map started out fairly one-sided, seeing Spirit start up 5-1, but FURIA is a hard team to topple, they bounced back to even out the half 8-7. Although the matchup seemed even, Spirit wanted to move on, they ran through FURIA in the second half, only dropping one round and ended the series 2-0, winning 16-8 on Ancient.


Preview 2nd Semi Finals

Today we will see the debut of the current Major Champion Natus Vincere. They will face off Heroic in the second game of the day at 8 pm CET. For both teams it would be a disappointment to go home after their first match on the stage here in Antwerp.

Before that we see the fight of the giants in the evening Copenhagen Flames and ENCE will battle for a spot in the semi finals at 4:30 pm CET. Although ENCE is probably the favorite for many Copenhagen Flames doesn't stop to amaze us on LAN!

We wish everyone at home and also in the arena a great weekend and amazing games! EsportFire will report daily in the morning and deliver a recap as well as preview of the Major matches.

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