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Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins in Rust - 2024

10 Amazing, Budget Assault Rifle Skins in Rust

Topic: Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins in Rust - 2024

The Assault Rifle has always been the most deadly weapon in Rust. It features high damage, range, and fire rate, making it extremely versatile and able to take down enemies in any scenario. A gun like this will of course be popular, and with 221 skins to choose from, these are our top-10 best cheap Assault Rifle skins in Rust.

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Assault Rifle | Training AR (USD 0.77)

Reminiscent of gym wear the Training AR features a black-and-white finish on top of a cloth-like material. Due to both its colors and it being one of the cheapest Assault Rifles in the game, it is a great budget alternative to the Blackout AR (A very clean but expensive skin). The Training AR is perfect for someone looking to take a more minimalistic approach to their inventory.

Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins - Training AR

Assault Rifle | ARnana (USD 0.78)

The ARnana is on the more comedic side of Rust skins. While Rust on the surface appears to be more of a crude game, the ARnana perfectly shows how playful the game can be at times. With the small details such as the stickers, the ripeness on the barrel, and the slight peeling on the receiver, the ARnana takes “banana gun” to a whole new level.

Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins - ARnana

Assault Rifle | Toy AR (USD 1.02)

On the topic of playful, the Toy AR is a nostalgic take on Rust skins. Just off a first look, it may remind you of some of the toys you may have played with as a child. The vibrant red, yellow, blue, and purple colors do a wonderful job of encapsulating the feeling of childhood. This skin is a great fit for someone with a more creative inventory.

Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins - Toy AR

Assault Rifle | Bombing AR (USD 1.11)

Next up for our list of the best cheap Assault Rifle skins in Rust is the Bombing AR, which is an absolutely brilliant skin. It features an urban graffiti-style look while still fitting Rust’s makeshift style perfectly. The skin stands out looking more worn in scraped and does a great job of using this in its favor to capture that realistic look. If you are looking for a street art inspired skin be sure to check this one out.

Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins - Bombing AR

Assault Rifle | Desert Hawk AK47 (USD 1.32)

The Desert Hawk AK47 is for all of the military fanatics playing Rust. With its smooth finish, it is one of the higher-quality skins to make it into the game. The level of detail put into the cloth around the magazine, the camo design on the handguard, and the small logos placed on both the receiver and the butt of the gun all form to make it superior to most other Assault Rifle skins in its price range.

Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins - Desert Hawk AK47

Assault Rifle | Black Gold AR (USD 1.67)

The Black Gold AR is the definition of luxury. The colors black and gold represent power, prosperity, and abundance. What else could fit better when you are dominating a server than a skin that stands for power? Black has always been one of the most stylish colors to wear and the sophisticated gold coat, allows the skin to establish itself as a great piece for anyone’s inventory.

Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins - Black Gold AR

Assault Rifle | Redemption AR (USD 1.75)

The Redemption AR is a very unique skin on our list of the best cheap Assault Rifles. Its pink metallic color with intricately designed shapes engraved into the metal of the skin makes it stand out. However, what made this skin stand out from the others are the light effects on top of the skin. The bright metallic shine is something that’s hard to come by in Rust and this is the proper skin for anyone looking for a nice pink theme.

Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins - Redemption AR

Assault Rifle | Kiss AR (USD 2.01)

The Kiss AR may be a Valentine’s Day themed skin, but it still looks great even out of season. The skin suits Rust’s toxic nature perfectly with the ironic approach of having the “Love You” text placed right underneath a heart with a bullet going through it. Below the rear sight, there is text that states “Kiss”, but the only thing your enemies will be kissing are your bullets.

Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins - Kiss AR

Assault Rifle | Retrowave AR (USD 2.20)

The Retrowave AR is a bright purple skin with the hallmark 80’s Memphis Design. Its name “Retrowave” originates from an electronic music genre of the same name. The Memphis Design has repopularized over recent years and you may recognize it from other games such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Hotline Miami. The classic design makes a delightful skin to pick up.

Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins - Retrowave AR

Assault Rifle | Porcelain AR (USD 2.91)

The Porcelain AR combines the look of the old-school porcelain cups with the Rust aesthetic. With amazing attention to detail, the skin shows several men sitting around a campfire with the campfire being the centerpiece of the whole skin. The slight hint of orange contrasts the blue perfectly transforming the skin from a gun made of teacups to a piece of art. This skin may be the most expensive on the list, but that is the price you have to pay for its beauty.

Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins - Porcelain AR


We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 10 Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins in Rust. Expect more Rust articles to come in the near future and be sure to check them out if you enjoyed this one. Have a beautiful day!

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