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Best Cheap Deagle Skins in Counter-Strike

Top-15 Cheapest Desert Eagle Skins

Topic: Best Cheap Deagle Skins in CS

The Desert Eagle is the undisputed king of secondary weapons in Counter-Strike 2. Its shot-stopping power and ability to instantly kill an enemy with a single headshot place it above all other pistols available to players. Therefore, having a solid Deagle skin in your CS2 inventory is equally important as having a flashy rifle loadout. To help you add a great cheap desert eagle to your inventory, we have compiled a list of the 15 best cheap Desert Eagle skins in CS2.

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Desert Eagle | Mudder (Field-Tested): $0.02

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The Desert Eagle | Mudder is not only one of the oldest Deagle skins, but it is also the cheapest Deagle skin in CS2. It was added to the game as an Industrial Grade skin in the Lake Collection, which was released way back in November 2013. The skin, which has a float range between 0.06 and 0.80, looks as though it has been plunged into a pile of mud and left there for a few years.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Mudder

Desert Eagle | Blue Ply (Field-Tested): $0.18

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Despite being released 7 years after the Mudder, the Desert Eagle | Blue Ply is equally affordable as the previous Deagle skin. It features a simple blue wooden pattern similar to that of the AK-47 | Blue Laminate and has a uniquely colored grey and black grip. The skin was released in the Prisma 2 Case of 2020.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Blue Ply

Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze (Field-Tested): $0.22

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The Desert Eagle is the most expensive of the three “Oxide Blaze” skins but is still extremely affordable. It features a simple rust-colored base with a white colored decal having been applied at the front of the skin, along with some other minuscule white additions like a smiley face. It was released in 2017 as a part of the Spectrum Collection and its float is capped at 0.50, making it pretty rare to get in Battle Scarred condition.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Oxide Blaze

Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco (Minimal Wear): $0.24

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The next skin on our list of the best cheap Desert Eagle skins in CS2 is one that was recently featured in our “How Do Skins Look in CS2?” article. The skin looks absolutely stunning on the Source 2 engine, but despite being 8 years old, it is still extremely affordable. The skin features a simple silver base with a shiny bronze and gold lined pattern applied on top of it. It is float capped at 0.46.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Bronze Deco

Desert Eagle | Corinthian (Field-Tested): $0.20

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Next up is a classic Mil-Spec Desert Eagle skin from the Revolver Case of 2015. The skin has a beautiful bronze patina base with an elegant pattern etched into it. It follows the trend of the skins on this list having lower float caps with a float cap of 0.44, making it impossible to get in Battle Scarred condition.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Corinthian

Desert Eagle | Directive (Field-Tested): $0.34

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This shiny Desert Eagle, which was “designed to help the future of law enforcement stop creeps,” was released as a Restricted Pistol in the Gamma 2 Case of 2016. The skin has a very intricate design with tons of details etched into it and has been covered with a combination of rust and shiny light blue colors. Unlike the other cheap Desert Eagle skins which have maximum float caps, this one has a minimum float cap of 0.06, making it pretty rare to get in Factory New condition.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Directive

Desert Eagle | Sputnik (Field-Tested): $0.99

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Hailing from the 2021 Train Collection as a Mil-Spec pistol, the Desert Eagle | Sputnik features a very unique finish. Its blue base has been covered with a space-themed pattern, including stars, satellites, and more. It also has a unique color pattern, utilizing shades of only blue and yellow. The Sputnik has a maximum float cap of 0.50.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Sputnik

Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline (Field-Tested): $0.42

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The Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline is a restricted pistol from the Snakebite Case, which released in May 2021. It features a sleek black base with a pink isometric pattern applied onto the front portion of the slide, and the hammer and sight of the skin have been painted a bright blue that contrasts with the pink very well. The skin is barely float capped with a maximum float of 0.97.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Trigger Discipline

Desert Eagle | Urban Rubble (Field-Tested): $0.16

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The Urban Rubble was released alongside the Desert Eagle | Mudder in November 2013, however, it was added to the game as a mil-spec in the first Train Collection instead of Lake. The skin has a very simple camouflage finish that utilizes three different shades of gray, and with a float cap of 0.5.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Urban Rubble

Desert Eagle | Light Rail (Field-Tested): $0.51

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The Desert Eagle | Light Rail is a 4-year-old Restricted skin from the Prisma Case. The skin, which features a black base with a fade-like pattern on the front of the skin, has an entirely different look than any other Deagle skin. Multiple thick lines or metal have been cut out of the skin, making it appear sleeker and helping to make the warm fade pattern really pop. It is float capped at 0.90.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Light Rail

Desert Eagle | The Bronze (Minimal Wear): $4.55

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Not to be confused with the Bronze Deco, the Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco is a shiny bronze skin from the Control Collection which was released in 2020 as a part of Operation Broken Fang. The skin has been painted with a range of bronze shades in a completely random pattern, and has a very low float cap of 0.30, making it only possible in Field Tested condition or better.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin The Bronze

Desert Eagle | Meteorite (Minimal Wear): $0.62

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The Desert Eagle | Meteorite was added to CS:GO as a Mil-Spec pistol skin in the Bank Collection way back in May 2014. It features a very dark gold crystalline pattern with a few pieces of solid gold detailing. It has an even crazier float cap than the previous skin at 0.18, making it barely possible even in Field Tested condition.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Meteorite

Desert Eagle | Naga (Field-Tested): $1.10

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While it may look similar to the default Desert Eagle skin from a distance, the Naga is actually a lot more detailed than some think. The skin has the basic base color of the default Deagle with the addition of a leather handle, and the front of the skin’s slide has been engraved with references to Indian mythology, including a mystical beast, a bunch of tangled snakes, and some eyes scattered throughout. The skin was released in the Chroma Collection of 2015.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Naga

Desert Eagle | Urban DDPAT (Field-Tested): $2.20

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While it may be a lot similar to the Urban Rubble, the Urban DDPAT is a much more modern and sophisticated version of its similarly colored counterpart. The Urban DDPAT has a range of gray shades in a DDPAT pattern, which can be defined as a camouflage pattern with more defined, straight lines. The skin ranges between floats of 0.06 and 0.80.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Urban DDPAT

Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries (Field-Tested): $3.77

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Having been added to the Danger Zone Case in 2018, the Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries is the most recently added of the three Mecha Industries skins. It features a white base with a black grip, trigger, underside, and more, alongside a few minor red highlights. It has a maximum float cap of 0.60.

Best Cheapest Deagle Skin Mecha Industries


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