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Best Crates to Open in Rust

Educate yourself on the best crates in Rust

Welcome to this week's Rust feature where we will cover the best crates to open in Rust. We will review their prices, what items you can obtain, and which is best to open.

It may come to your surprise, but little is known about Rust crates. The items you can unbox are not listed in the description of the crate and as much as you search it is hard to find an accurate list. Here is what we were able to find through our research.

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Low Quality Bag (USD 1.19)

The Low Quality Bag is the most mysterious out of the 4 crates in Rust. It contains 52 clothing items but it is unknown exactly what every single item is. This crate is quite irrelevant, however, due to very few to none of the items you can obtain from the crate being profitable. This factor combined with not knowing the items in the crate makes it a total waste to open.

Best Crates to open in Rust

High Quality Bag (USD 8.39)

The High Quality Bag is the most popular crate in Rust. The crate can contain any clothing or attire skin in Rust except for the 52 clothing items contained in the Low Quality Bag and DLC exclusive clothing items. The most notable skins you can get from this crate are as follows:

- Big Grin (USD 665.96)
- Fire Jacket (USD 470.66)
- Creepy Clown Bandana (USD 439.92)
- Zipper Face (USD 315.90)
- Tempered Mask (USD 198.48)

While you might look at these price tags and get excited it is important to note just how rare unboxing these items are. Rust crates do not divide skins into rarities and every item has an equal chance. With there being over 1000 clothing skins in Rust your chances of pulling one of these skins is zero to none.

Best Crates to open in Rust

High Quality Crate (USD 3.23)

The High Quality Crate is the second worst crate in Rust right ahead of the Low Quality Bag. The High Quality Crate can contain any deployable in Rust. Deployables are a broad category in Rust they include any construction item such as doors or barricades. It can also contain any item skin such as skins for the furnace, large storage box, or vending machine. The best items you can unbox from this crate are as follows:

- Horror Bag (USD 607.92)
- Freshly Dug Grave (USD 370.84)
- Incarceration Armored Door (USD 89.61)
- Crime Bag (USD 88.02)
- Grandmother’s Gift Barricade (USD 57.57)

The skins that are obtainable from the High Quality Crate are nowhere near as valuable as those from the Weapon Barrel or High Quality Bag. It is also important to note people have noticed bugs with this crate and have unboxed items such as leather glove skins when they should not be obtainable from the crate. We recommend you stay away from the High Quality Crate.

Best Crates to open in Rust

Weapon Barrel (USD 11.42)

The Weapon Barrel is the weapon equivalent of the High Quality Bag. When opening this crate you can expect to receive any weapon skin in Rust including both guns and melee weapons. It is the most expensive crate in Rust most likely due to it also having the most expensive skin in Rust, the Alien Relic SMG. The most expensive skins you can obtain from this crate are as follows:

- Alien Relic SMG (USD 1,347.86)
- Tempered MP5 (USD 388.40)
- Military Camo MP5 (USD 276.89)
- Glory AK47 (USD 238.46)
- Banana Eoka (USD 78.12)

Again, while you may be surprised at the prices of a few of these skins there are 1000’s of different ones that are all just as likely. The chances of getting these skins are so low and the odds are so high you are better off just purchasing the skins you like instead of trying to gamble for the most expensive ones.

Best Crates to open in Rust

High Quality Bag Opening Rust

We went ahead and decided to open a High Quality Bag to show the reality of gambling, we unboxed a Toupee which is an improvised balaclava skin worth USD 3.76. Overall, that is a loss of 4 dollars. These crates are not worth opening and the odds of profiting are slim to none.

Best Crates to open in Rust


To summarize, avoid the Low Quality Bag, open the High Quality Bag for the best odds and clothing items, open the High Quality Box for deployable skins, and open the most expensive crate, the Weapon Barrel, for gun and melee weapon skins.

While it is a mystery what is in the Rust crates and their odds, it is no mystery that gambling is a bad habit. Rust crates can get expensive and you should only gamble what you can afford. The chances to profit out of a Rust crate seem to be less than 10% and when you do profit it usually by just a couple of cents. Rust crates are a feature that was originally created to get rid of duplicate skins. The system has since been ignored and turned into a good way to waste money.


We hope you enjoyed this week’s article on the best crates to open in Rust. If you did be sure to check out last week's article on the Best Cheap Custom SMG Skins in Rust. Remember, don’t open Rust crates, they aren’t worth it. Have a great day!

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