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Best CS:GO M4A1 Sticker Crafts & Combos

Some amazing CS:GO M4A1 Sticker crafts

Topic: Best CS:GO M4A1 Sticker Crafts & Combos

The M4A1-S is an absolute staple in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The silenced rifle was added in the notorious 2013 Arms Deal update that introduced silenced weapons and skins as an alternative to the classic M4A4, and has since gained traction to become the Counter-Terrorist equivalent of the AK-47. Despite recent nerfs, the M4A1-S continues to remain a vital part of the meta and is easily the most purchased weapon on CT sides. The slimmest number of players choose it’s non silenced counterpart(the M4A4) over the A1-S, and the rifle is considered third only to the AWP and AK-47.

With its in-game notoriety comes an equally large interest when it comes to M4A1-S skins and crafts. For nine years, the community has crafted countless elite sticker crafts with all of the M4A1-S 32 skins. The countless M4A1-S skins boast a huge range of affordability, with prices ranging from $0.83 to $2,600. With all of this in mind, let's take a look at 10 of EsportFire’s favorite M4A1-S crafts.

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10. M4A1-S | Icarus Fell + 4x Spirit (Foil) | 2020 RMR

The Icarus Fell is one of the most recognizable skins from the Gods and Monsters Collection that brought us skins like the AWP | Medusa and the M4A4 | Poseidon, and it lives up to the reputation of the collection. This skin features a range of hydrographic blue from deep navy to a shining cyan. The color scheme of the skin works impeccably with Spirit’s foil sticker from the 2020 Regional Major Rankings. Although the stickers are widely considered to be some of the worst ever released by Valve, few such as the Spirit (Foil) surpass the community's distaste. The cyan pattern on the sticker works perfectly with the spots of cyan on the Icarus Fell, and the black Spirit logo blends with the deep navy color that dominates the skin.

CS:GO M4A1 Sticker Craft Icarus Fell

9. M4A1-S | Player Two + 1x Bish (Holo), Bash(Holo), Bosh(Holo)

This next M4A1 craft utilizes a skin significantly newer than the Icarus Fell: The M4A1-S | Player Two of the Prisma 2 collection. The Player Two is an extremely busy skin filled with bright colors and a cartoonish appearance, which works perfectly with the popular Bish, Bash, Bosh collection of stickers. The Bish, Bash, Bosh holos are well known for making some excellent crafts that have a more fun aspect to them, and when combined with the Player Two, they make for a perfect comic-book-like vibe. As a plus, the holographic colors of the onomatopoeia stickers blend wonderfully with the blue, yellow, and orange of the Player Two.

CS:GO M4A1 Sticker Craft Player Two

8. M4A1-S | Nitro + 4x Virtus.Pro | Krakow 2017

The calm black and yellow paint of the M4A1-S | Nitro is much simpler and less busy than the previous two skins, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. This skin is an incredibly simple yet sleek combination that works impeccably with Virtus.Pro’s paper sticker from Cologne 2016. Because of the logo’s similarity with the color scheme of the Nitro, almost any Virtus.Pro sticker can work with the skin, and I experimented with several before deciding on this sticker, which features a more focused color contrast and such a unique background. The unique simplicity combined with the incredible similarity between the Virtus.Pro logo and the M4A1-S | Nitro of this craft makes it well deserving of being on this list.

CS:GO M4A1 Sticker Craft Nitro

7. M4A1-S | Hot Rod + 4x 100 Thieves (Foil) | Boston 2018

Next up on our list of elite M4A1-S crafts is one with the famous M4A1-S | Hot Rod. This skin is even more simple than the Nitro, featuring nothing but a glossy, chromatic red paint with small amounts of black between different components of the weapon. While countless red stickers work well with this skin, the 100 Thieves foil from Boston 2018 works the best, combining the shiny red logo and background with the skin. This M4A1 sticker craft is a wonderful tribute to one of the more well known teams in the history of CS:GO which unfortunately exited from the game in 2020. However, with word on the town that 100 Thieves is looking to re-enter the game, crafts like these may just become even more special to the community.

CS:GO M4A1 Sticker Craft Hot Rod

6. M4A1-S | Mecha Industries + 3x Combine Helmet

The Mecha Industries is easily one of the most popular M4A1-S skins used both in game and in crafts. The skin combines a white base with black sections and small red lines to create a great “lab” themed skin. The color contrast between the white and the red of the Mecha Industries is perfectly complemented by the Combine Helmet, which uses similar colors with a more dominant red. Along with this, the gas mask on the Combine Helmet perfectly fits the lab theme to make this craft an extra bit special. Furthermore, when taking into consideration the cost of many of these crafts, the Mecha Industries + 3x Combine Helmet is significantly less expensive and can be crafted for as little as $21.

CS:GO M4A1 Sticker Craft Mecha Industries

5. M4A1-S | Moss Quartz + 4x Chief (Foil)

This next M4A1 sticker combo is perfect for players who got their start in first-person-shooters from the Halo series before transitioning into Counter-Strike. The Chief (Foil) features the head of Master Chief from the hit franchise, and is a wonderful tribute to the game that created a love of gaming for so many. The sticker works perfectly with several dark green skins, particularly the M4A1-S | Moss Quartz, which comes from the Norse Collection which brought us several notable skins such as the AWP | Gungnir. The dark green color of Master Chief's helmet blends wonderfully with the crystalline metallic dark green of the Moss Quartz. Along with this, something about the contrast between the gold visor of the helmet and the dark green color of the skin just makes this craft such a unique and amazing sticker combination.

CS:GO M4A1 Sticker Craft Moss Quartz

4. M4A1-S | Cyrex + 3x Heroic | Stockholm 2021

With Heroic’s unpredicted run in the Rio 2022 Major, this M4A1-S craft is even more meaningful than it was just weeks ago. The M4A1-S | Cyrex shares a similar color scheme with the Mecha Industries, but has a much more dominant red and black contrast with significantly less white. This makes it the perfect skin for Heroic’s old red and white logo, which was changed for the Rio Major. The logo fits perfectly on the main body of the Cyrex, and the small black Stockholm 2021 logo on the bottom right of the sticker compliments the black black base of the Cyrex extremely well. Overall, the craft makes for an excellent modern feel featuring one of the currently most relevant teams in the professional CS:GO scene.

CS:GO M4A1 Sticker Craft Cyrex

3. M4A1-S | Basilisk + 3x Fnatic | Katowice 2015

Taking up the first spot on the podium of best M4A1-S sticker crafts is a gray and orange combination that utilizes one of the older M4A1-S skins; the Basilisk. The Basilisk was added to CS:GO during 2014’s Operation Vanguard, and since it’s unique design featuring the etched serpent has been the center of countless crafts. This craft in particular requires applying 3 Fnatic paper stickers from Katowice 2015 onto the main body of the weapon. Unlike many crafts with team stickers which focus almost entirely on the actual logo of team, this craft puts significant weight on the background of the Fnatic | Katowice 2015 sticker. The sticker has a cloudy gray background which works perfectly with the basilisk to make the famous original Fnatic logo appear almost as if it is floating.

CS:GO M4A1 Sticker Craft Basilisk

2. M4A1-S | Decimator + 4x Cbbl (Holo)

Just short of first place on our list of best M4A1-S crafts is a combination of bright neon and one of the most recognizable maps of CS:GO. The Cbbl (Holo) is an incredible tribute to the once popular map de_cbble(Cobblestone), which was removed from the Active Duty Pool in 2019. The sticker was added in the recently released 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule, and has since been used in countless crafts. One of these crafts combines four of the stickers with the notorious M4A1-S | Decimator, a bright skin featuring neon shades of pink and blue. The holographic blue, pink, and purple of the Cbbl sticker is absolutely stunning when added to the Decimator, forming a uniquely bright color combination that no other craft can compare to.

CS:GO M4A1 Sticker Craft Decimator

1. M4A1-S | Golden Coil + 4x Coiled Strike

Taking the top spot on our list of 10 of the best M4A1-S sticker crafts is a combination of a notorious(and expensive) weapon skin and a popularly used paper sticker. The Coiled Strike sticker features a stunning gold snake design and has been the subject of countless crafts with golden skins, notably the Gold Arabesque. The sticker works incredibly when applied to the Golden Coil, a popular M4A1-S skin that, similarly to the Basilisk, features an attacking snake. The skin is a shiny combination of hydrographic black and gold that stands out in any inventory. The Coiled Strike and the Golden Coil seem to be made for each other, as both feature a mid-attack golden snake, and I absolutely love this craft. It combines both implied and physical details and is truly well deserving of such recognition on this list.

CS:GO M4A1 Sticker Craft Golden Coil


The M4A1-S is one of the most purchased and recognizable weapons in CS:GO, and with it’s in-game popularity comes an equally large, if not larger interest when it comes to M4A1-S skins and crafts. M4A1-S crafts can range from immensely different price ranges and make up some of the greatest sticker crafts of all time. We at EsportFire sincerely hope you enjoyed reading our list of some of the Best M4A1-S crafts, and we hope you check out some of our other articles on EsportFire.com. If you have any other ideas for M4A1-S crafts that didn’t make it on our list, feel free to tag us @EsportFirecom and myself @CarkyssCS on Twitter with a picture of your craft.

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