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BLAST Premier Global Final - Facts and Results

BLAST Premier Global Final - Everything worth to know

The BLAST Global Finals took place at the end of January 2021. A total of eight teams - Astralis, Vitality, NAVI, G2, Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Complexity and FURIA - took part in the final BLAST tournament. The total prize money was 1,000,000 USD and the tournament was played online. The tournament took place as a double elimination bo3 bracket.


Winner and tournament MVP

The winner of the tournament was Natus Vincere, which defeated Astralis in the final game relatively clearly. Especially s1mple convinced with another great performance and also secured the MVP title of the tournament.


There were no really big surprises at the BLAST Global Finals. Complexity competed with Stand-In JUGi and had no chance in the duel with the best teams in the world. A little surprisingly, FURIA was eliminated after two rounds in the duels with G2 and Evil Geniuses. The favorites Astralis, Vitality and NAVI secured the top-3 positions. Especially the lower-bracket run of Natus Vincere, who already lost in the first round against Liquid, was impressive.

Surprises and disappointments

A positive surprise was Liquid, who added FalleN to the lineup just before the tournament and eventually secured fourth place. NAVI's five wins in a row in the lower bracket were impressive, but the team around star player s1mple is by no means a big surprise. Disappointing was the quick elimination of FURIA, as well as Complexity, who had to play stand-in at the BLAST Finals after a great season.

Performance of the individual teams

  • NAVI: Great tournament, deserved victory.
  • Astralis: Very confident until the final game - against NAVI without a chance.
  • Vitaltiy: Great performances against Complexity and Liquid, unlucky in the duels with Astralis and NAVI.
  • Liquid: Good first performance with the new IGL FalleN
  • G2: Still not at the top of the world.
  • Evil Geniuses: Solid performance, win against FURIA.
  • Complexity: Chanceless with stand-in
  • FURIA: 0-2 - disappointing.

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