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CrystalChris Steam Inventory Review & Value - CS:GO

Inventory Review CrystalChris!

Topic: CrystalChris Steam Inventory Review & Value - CS:GO

You may have seen him on Twitter or YouTube, CrystalChris used to be in the Battlefield scene but now transformed like a caterpillar into a beautiful CS:GO butterfly. He's boasting with a total inventory value of 10'000 $ according to Sharkbay, but 15'000 $ according to the man himself due to lent out items and storage units.

His passion aims towards sticker crafts of all sorts and cool patterns for knives as well as guns.

  Thicc Squidward   Andy

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General inventory

As mentioned before, he is quite into sticker crafts, although he isn't specifying himself into one tournament. In fact he's so non specific that he has a craft of every single major there is! What a feat to achieve, that beats a commitment to one tournament in my eyes. He is basically committing himself to all of the CS:GO pro scene!

As an honourable mention, I would looove to talk about his Famas Eye of Athena with a decent .016 float which got 4 juicy G2 MLG Columbus 16s applied. He bought it alongside a whole set of MLG crafts from zPxwer on Twitter.

Fat red Tip and some clean wraps

First off, we will have a little look at his combo. I asked him if he wants to feature any of his slaughter knives (since he got an incredibly clean cornered Karambit) but he preferred this Marble Fade since it has such a nice tip plus it was used by the pro scene before.

The knife itself comes in a solid .008 float with a weirdly scratched tip on top of the blade. Gloves are nothing to scoff at either, a .181 float is enough to make these wraps look bright and vibrant.

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A precious gift from Cylock

Coming in at a solid .444, this is a beast of a mac-10! While it may only be wee woo, it doesn't matter too much on the heat, since it still looks fairly clean.

I don't think I have to tell anyone of you, that this is an absolute banger color combination, just look at it this is the stuff wet dreams are made off. He considers this one of the skins that he would never sell due to its personal value. Always sweet to see the cs community looking after gifted items!

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Awp Voxiimov

Sitting in the better half of field tested, this Awp Asiimov got barely any visible scratches. Then again, I don't think we're here for the scratchlessness of this .253 Asiimov.

The juicy part lies in the sticker featured on the scope! An OG among high tier sticker crafts, the Kato 14 Vox holo gets elevated by the orange color scheme of the Asiimov. A classic kato Awp just never gets old.

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Quad Knight

You might be thinking to yourself "There are only 3 keydstars on that m4, this bastard lied to me!", but hold on to your horses the fourth knight is the skin itself!

Standing proud at a .009 float, this craft doesn't just make a lovely scenery, the three k15 Keydstar Foils applied to it give this gun a royal knight look all around.

Market Recap

Float is low and the chain is completed

I think there isn't any better skin to make mixed crafts on than the MP9 Food Chain. It includes a whole array of lively colors, which look even more alive in its .00004 float.

Along the body of this CT SMG we can find ourselves a bunch of MLG Holos starting with an Astralis at the first pos with the red monster. Strolling towards the front of this gun, there are a Fnatic and a Splyce in the yellow part. Last but not least we got ourselves a Flipsid3 all the way towards the barrel!

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Nova that will wow ya

There are little things in life that give me more joy than a ridiculously expensive craft on a gun that is rarely used. I do have to say tho, most nova Katos are on this skin due to it being very old and not looking quite as terrible as a Sand Dune or Predator.

Personally, I could do without the cologne 14 IBuyPower Holo, even Chris himself said he's not a huge fan of katos mixed with other tournaments. Now let's get to the beautiful part of this .126 Nova Ghost Camo, applied on the middle position is a gorgeous K14 IBuyPower Holo! Of Course, I have to say that I like the handle position of the nova the most, yet I'm probably in the minority regarding this opinion.

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Overall I quite like this inventory, you can clearly tell that quite a bit of thought went into it. The only thing I kind of dislike is all the doubling up as well as the missing theme(at least as far as I can see).

I absolutely adore the fact that he got a craft for every single tournament, he even has a whooping 13 Pickem Trophies!!!


I might be a bit biased since it was so nice talking to him but I think I'll give this inventory a solid 8.226 due to the amount of personality in here. The score could be easily a 9+ if there was somewhat of a theme, as well as his beloved Specialist gloves fade with a dope pattern!

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to CrystalChris as well as conducting my first ever interview with him. Looking forward to review more content creator inventories! The interview in video form will go live on our YouTube channel tomorrow!

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