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CS2 Skin Tester - CS2 Inspects

Test any CS2 Skin and craft with CS2 Inspects

Topic: CS2 Skin Tester - CS2 Inspects

In today's article we will take a look at one of the best CS2 Skin Testers. With CS2 Inspects you can create any craft, select any skin or knife-glove combo and view it in-game. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to navigate on the page and test any CS2 skin.


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CS2 Skin Tester - Landing Page

When you first enter CS2 Inspects you will have the option to choose between the different weapon categories and select a skin of your choice.

CS2 Skin Tester - Landing Page

Step 1: How To Test Any Craft/Combo?

In order to make the process of selecting a skin and crafting as easy as possible to follow we will show it to you using an example and craft five Katowice 2015 3DMAX (Holos) on an AK-47 Bloodsport.

First you click on "Primary", which will open a pop-up with all primary weapons. On the top right you enter "AK-47 Bloodsport" in order to find the skin and click on it. On the left side you can now select whether it shall be StatTrak or not, what pattern you want to see and what float the skin should be in.

CS2 Skin Tester - Step 1

Step 2: Applying Stickers

Once you selected your skin, as well as the float and wear we will continue with applying stickers. You simply click on "Sticker #1", which opens another pop-up on the right side. On the right top you can again search for any sticker, in our case "Katowice 2015 3DMAX (Holo)".

If you want to apply the same sticker more than once you can simply click on the sticker multiple times. But be patient: The best part is yet to come!

CS2 Skin Tester - Step 2

Step 3: Custom Sticker Positioning - CS2 Skin Tester

With the CS2 Skin Tester by CS2Inspects.com you can now click on "Customize Stickers" which will open a new window, allowing you to move each sticker to custom positions.

In order to inspect the newly created craft in-game, you need to first copy the "Gen-Code" on the left side, which starts with !g and looks the following for our AK-47 Bloodsport: !g 1014642689 639 123 0.0758 287 0 287 0 287 0 287 0 287 0. Secondly, you click on the server list that is visible on the top of the page by "View List" and connect to any of the servers shown.

If you got a bit more patience before inspecting your newly created craft, we recommend checking out Step 4 of our CS2 Skin Tester article. It will be worth it!

CS2 Skin Tester - Step 3

Step 4: Find A Fitting Combo

Instead of just testing the craft, CS2 Inspects also has the option to check out a whole loadout at once. In order to do so you simple scroll down to "Secondary", "Knife", "Glove" and "Agent" and select the skins/crafts of your choice for each of them, just like you did with the Primary.

In order to now inspect the full loadout on the server, you press "Save Combo", which is located on the top of the page under the !g code we already checked out earlier. After saving you will press the button "copy".

CS2 Skin Tester - Step 4

Step 5: Connect To The Server

Last but not least it's time to check out our newly created combo in-game. In order to do so, we will go to "View List" on top of the page and press connect. The website will automatically open CS2 and connect to the server that you have chosen. In our case we decided to go for Italy and enjoy the unique lightning that the map has to offer.

Now the last and final step to inspect your combo is by pasting it to the global or team chat and press enter. A more detailed instruction on how to use CS2 Inspect Servers can be found in our dedicated article: CS2 Skin Inspect Servers.

CS2 Skin Tester - Step 5


We hope you enjoyed today's article about one of the best CS2 Skin Testers and we are already looking forward to seeing you again on EsportFire.com for everything related to CS2 Skins. Have an amazing rest of your day!

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