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CS2 Sticker Craft Generator - CSInspect

CSInspect, the CS2 gen tool creator to inspect any craft

Topic: CS2 Sticker Craft Generator - Gen Code Creator

Today we will showcase one of the greatest tool that every skin and craft lover in CS2 will highly enjoy when trying to inspect their new combo, a skin they want to purchase or when thinking about making a new sticker craft.

We will showcase the best CS2 sticker craft generator out there, that includes all kinds of different features. Enjoy reading!


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CS2 Sticker Craft Generator

Some of you might wonder how to test and try crafts with five stickers and unique placements in CS2? CS2Inspect has the perfect solution for that and provides you with an easy to use and extremely well working tool that will make it effortless to try out every craft or combo.

You first navigate to "Custom Stickers", select a skin and chose the pattern ID, Float value and if it shall be StatTrak or not. After that you click into the first colored field next to the skin you selected and will find a big dropdown with all available stickers. They even built in the feature that fitting stickers will show up first depending on what skin you select, which is pretty amazing!

CS2 Sticker Craft Generator

Inspect the generated crafts in-game!

In order to inspect the newly custom sticker crafts that you generated you can simply copy the long command below your craft (Looks something like that: csgo_econ_action_preview 001807...) and join their inspect server. In order to see the craft that you generated you need to paste the command that you copied in the team or global chat. You can find a more in depth, step by step instruction on how to do that here: CS2 Inspect Servers.

Explore Public Crafts

One more amazing feature by CSInspect is the "Explore" section of the site. There you can find all different kind of combos and crafts that users submitted. For example this absolutely stunning AWP Lighting Strike craft with four Opal Flick (Holos) paired with Driver Gloves Imperial Plaid and an Ursus Doppler Phase 2!

CS2 Sticker Craft Generator


The page also features a great color sort, which is extremely helpful in order to find the right fitting stickers for your skins. We hope you enjoyed today's article on the best CS2 Sticker Craft Generator and are already looking forward to new crafts within our community! Make sure to tag us on Twitter when posting crafts yourself.

Have a lovely rest of your day everybody and feel free to check out our other recent articles right below this paragraph as well as our very own features like the CS2 Market Indexes and our Skin Database.

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