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CS:GO Art Skin Painting - The Story Of LotsOfTHC

One of the most creative masterminds in CS:GO

Topic: CS:GO Art Skin Painting - The Story Of LotsOfTHC

In today's article, we want to present to you one of the coolest artists in the CS:GO community. A Twitter user known as LotsOfTHC does paintings of CS:GO skins in MSPaint! But he does not only make some random paintings with mid-quality, he manages to make them in such a quality that you might not even notice the difference to in-game screenshots.

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The Beginning

Below we showcase one of his first-ever draws. Throughout this article, you will notice an insane development up to a point where you will hardly recognize a difference to the in-game looks of the skins. But how did he get into creating art pieces with MS Paint? What was the back thought/starting point?

"Well to be completely honest me and some boys were chilling in Discord and I just decided to take a friend's AUG and start painting over it in MSPaint. I don't really know why or how I even thought of it, it just happened then I instantly posted it to Twitter after tracing it for 2 hours, it ended up getting something like 100 likes and I was like: "Wow people find them interesting I should do more" - so I took in requests from people did like 5-6 more that same day and it started from there. I got more into doing Katowice 2014 skins, mostly Holos, then I just got better and went more into detail and the rest is history. Also, shout out to @conzeptalready and @PizzzaBot without those 2 half of my paints wouldn't even exist."

Story of LotsOfTHC

Time estimate

His work and quality improved drastically over time. The CS:GO MSPaint artworks got better and better and I can also imagine more on more time intensive. How long did it take you to finish your first, rather "simple" pieces, and how long does it take nowadays to completely paint an AK-47 Vulcan with four Titan Holos?

"My first pieces ranged from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Today they can get up to 12 hours plus, really depends on the artwork and my mood and drive to get it done. Nobody requests them, I just do what I like at this point. An AK Vulcan takes anywhere between 4-6 hours over the span of a few days. I personally love the AK-47 Vulcan it's my #1 AK skin in the game and it goes very well with almost every Katowice 2014 Holo."

Story of LotsOfTHC


The excellence of the recent paintings is quite satisfying. The question now is where does he go from there? We could imagine also painting the backgrounds or even switching to real-life paintings. What's your goal going forward? What are the next goals/steps of improvement that you could imagine?

"I don't really have any set goals going forward, I think I'm pretty much at my peak with the paints. They can't get any better than they already are."

Story of LotsOfTHC

Digital Art

We could imagine that such amazing, great-looking art is also something people are interested to buy to showcase in their profiles or have as a background. Do you also have a financial back-thought in the future, do you think that could work out as a business model, maybe even as a NFT collection?

"I doubt it could work out as a business, I've been offered skins and money but most of the time I decline cause I do it as a hobby. People are free to use my paints but just give me credit for the work."

Story of LotsOfTHC

Personal goals

What are your personal goals as a creator? Are you looking forward to creating more paintings like that or is that just the starting point for you? Can you maybe already share future plans or projects within or also out of CS:GO with us?

"Well right now I just do them when I want. I would like to start doing them again but it seems like the "hype" is slowly drying up and they are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Maybe I'm wrong but idk. I haven't had the drive lately to make any atm. If someone was to come to me today and ask for one done I certainly would do my best to get it out to them."

Story of LotsOfTHC


That was the story and development of @LotsOfTHC and his CS:GO Art Paintings in MSPaint. We loved his pieces so far and it is rather sad to see that he seems to slow down making them. If anyone is interested in a unique artwork of his recent pickup make sure to reach out to him, we wish him nothing but the best and would love to see more from him in the future!

Story of LotsOfTHC

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