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CS:GO BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Finals Recap - Europa

CS:GO BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Finals Recap - Europa

The BLAST Premier Series will featured two entries to the BLAST Global Finals in addition to $500,000 in prize money. A total of eight teams qualified for the European tournament and started with the opening rounds to the play-offs. There were no group stages in this tournament.


Winner and tournament MVP

Complexity won the event and secured an incredible $335,000 in prize money in addition to their place in the Global Final. In the final, they defeated the French team Vitality 2:1 on Mirage and Nuke, after they had to admit defeat on Vertigo at the beginning with a 02:16.

Opening round

In the opening round of the tournament Vitality, FaZe, NAVI and Complexity prevailed. Nearly all favorites won their games while G2, ENCE, NiP and OG hat to go to the lower brackets.


Complexity had an incredible run at the BLAST tournament. After the opening win against OG, they followed up with successes against NAVI and FaZe and secured their place in the final. A great achievement for the mixed team, which is trying to establish itself at the top of the world.

Vitality had to admit a defeat against FaZe in the upper semi-final, but could make up for it in the lower bracket. Successes against NAVI in the lower final and against FaZe in the consolidation final made the final entrance possible.

Surprises and disappointments

The big surprise was clearly Complexity, who remained unbeaten in the end and secured victory and entry into the global final. Disappointing once again were ENCE and OG, who were unable to take anything countable against feasible opponents and were eliminated early.

Performance of the individual teams

  • Natus Vincere: Fourth place is okay as a result, performance could have been better
  • G2: Tight matches against top teams, but still not satisfying
  • FaZe: Strong performances, no chance against Complexity
  • Vitality: Another final defeat, another good performance by the French
  • NiP: No surprise, expected result
  • Complexity: Big surprise & incredible performance
  • ENCE: Expected weak, currently without chance
  • OG: Not at the level of the top teams

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