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CS:GO Cases Price Development Q4 2022

How did CS:GO cases develop in price late 2022?

Topic: CS:GO Cases Price Development Q4 2022

Welcome everybody to a short update article on the price development of CS:GO cases over the last three months. As some of you might know, we have recently released a new update featuring CS:GO indexes that showcase different categories of the CS:GO skin market and their price development over time.

Three of those 30 indexes are case price related and will be the basis of today's article. The graphs showcase the trend between the 29th of September and the 21st of December. Note: There was a short interruption for all indexes in mid-December due to a data problem. Everything is working perfectly again now!


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Cases that got released between 2020 & 2022

The "Cases Graph 2020-2022" includes a total of seven cases that got released in the respective time (Prisma 2, Fracture, Operation Broken Fang, Snakebite, Operation Riptide, Dreams & Nightmare, Recoil). Although the overall CS:GO market has seen a pretty heavy increase in prices for some item categories the latest released cases couldn't really profit from that.

While they hit a period high at 5.03 USD on the 5th of October and came close to that once again on the 26th of October we have seen a rather continuous downward trend up to this day currently standing at 4.15 USD, which is also the lowest point of the graph for the period.

CS:GO Cases Development

Cases that got released between 2016 & 2019

A bit of a different picture is to be seen for the cases that got released between 2016 & 2019! With two spikes at the end of October and November, we have seen an overall upwards trend for the 14 included cases (Operation Wildfire, Chroma 3, Gamma, Gamma 2, Glove, Spectrum, Operation Hydra, Spectrum 2, Clutch, Horizon, Danger Zone, Prisma, CS20, Shattered Web).

The period high has been at 22.45 USD on the 28th of October 2022, while we have seen a low at 18.60 USD on the second of October! The difference value-wise between the low and high is therefore 3.85 USD!

CS:GO Cases Development

Cases that got released prior 2016

For the last graph, we're looking at the cases released before 2016 (Revolver, Shadow, Falchion, Chroma 2, Chroma, Operation Vanguard, eSport 2014 Summer, Operation Breakout, Huntsman, Operation Phoenix, CS:GO Weapon Case 3, eSports 2013 Winter, Winter Offensive, CS:GO Weapon 2, Operation Bravo, eSport 2013, CS:GO Weapon).

For those we have seen a pretty rapid growth at the beginning of October, hitting a period high at 152.54 USD. Followed by that high was a steady decrease until they hit a low on the 31st of October at 134.85. For the remaining period, we have seen an overall steady upwards trend followed by a few corrections.

CS:GO Cases Development

General introduction EsportFire indexes

The newly released EsportFire Indexes are a unique and easy way to precisely track different parts of the CS:GO skin economy. With 30 different and new indexes, you can get a better insight to the price development of CS:GO skins. Make sure to check out: EsportFire.com/Indexes.


We hope you enjoyed today's article about the price trends and development of CS:GO cases within the last three months! If you enjoy articles of this kind and want to see more make sure to let us know via Social Media! Have a great rest of your day.

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