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CS:GO Pro Skin Inventory Showcase: s1mple, ZywOo & sh1ro

What CS:GO skins are s1mple, ZywOo and sh1ro playing?

Topic: CS:GO Pro Skin Inventory Showcase: s1mple, ZywOo & sh1ro

On Saturday, HLTV announced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s top three players of 2022: sh1ro, ZywOo, and s1mple. So naturally, as the skins nerds we are, we wanted to look back on their past year to see what skins they played with during their 12 months of Counter-Strike dominance.

This year, thanks to the creation of a discord server that connected collectors willing to lend their skins out and professional players looking to use them, lending of skins reached an all-time high. So, we looked through hours of demos to find the best skins that these players within with in 2022, and it's quite impressive what CS:GO skins s1mple, ZywOo and sh1ro used, to say the least.

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What Skins Did sh1ro Play With in 2022?

To conclude a dominant year of AWPing for Cloud9 at the age of 21, sh1ro took HLTV’s #3 spot on the top 20 players of 2022 on Saturday. The Russian gamer is more than just an extremely talented AWPer, he also dabbles in CS:GO trading and has quite an impressive inventory.

It's natural for an AWPer to own some extremely expensive AWP skins, and sh1ro didn’t disappoint in that category. In 2022, he played with his very own AWP | Graphite with an iBUYPOWER (Holo) from Katowice 2014 sticker as well as a Crown (Foil). The total applied value in today's prices is nearly $50,000.

CS:GO sh1ro skin inventory AWP
In terms of knives, sh1ro played with a wide variety of knives this past year, including an extremely expensive Nomad Knife | Case Hardened Blue Gem, a $10,000 M9 Bayonet | Doppler (Sapphire), a $7500 Butterfly Knife | Doppler (Ruby), and a $6000 Karambit | Doppler (Ruby).

CS:GO sh1ro skin inventory AWP
He paired the knives with several pairs of gloves, including Minimal Wear Moto Gloves | Spearmint, Minimal Wear Specialist Gloves | Crimson Kimono, and Minimal Wear Sport Gloves | Hedge Maze.

CS:GO sh1ro skin inventory AWP
For AK-47 skins, sh1ro played with a beautiful AK-47 | Vulcan with 4x Crown (Foil) applied to it.

CS:GO sh1ro skin inventory AWP

What Skins Did ZywOo Play With in 2022?

ZywOo shouldn't need an introduction to this list, as the French AWPer’s immense talent in Counter-Strike should speak for itself. He impressively took the #2 spot on the list this year despite his surrounding teammates struggling to content throughout the 2022 season.

Unfortunately, his Steam profile and inventory are private, but we can still see the crazy skins he played with this year by watching match demos. Like sh1ro, ZywOo played with a few solid AWP skins this year, including an AWP | Gungnir, as well as an AWP | Dragon Lore

CS:GO sh1ro skin inventory AWP
He mainly used two knives throughout the year: a Fire n’ Ice Talon Knife | Marble Fade, and a Butterfly Knife | Lore, but during the Rio Major he played with an extremely expensive Karambit | Gamma Doppler (Emerald)

CS:GO sh1ro skin inventory AWP
Throughout the entire year, he played almost entirely with just one pair of gloves: Sport Gloves | Amphibious. He did, however, use a pair of Specialist Gloves | Emerald Web during the Rio Major to pair with his Karambit Emerald.

CS:GO sh1ro skin inventory AWP
His AK-47 skin was not quite as impressive as his AWP, but it was still a neat and unique craft: an AK-47 | Fire Serpent with a Crown (Foil) on the best position(wood) and a few Cloud9 team stickers and signatures from Cologne 2015.

CS:GO sh1ro skin inventory AWP

What Skins Did s1mple Play With in 2022?

And now we have reached it, the time you have all been waiting for, a look into the incredible collection of skins used by s1mple throughout his year of incredible AWPing for Na’Vi. s1mple clinched his third #1 player of the year award, making history and delivering a very meaningful speech during the ceremony. So let's take a look at some of the crazy skins he used.

s1mple didn’t just play with a nice AWP skin like ZywOo and sh1ro, he played with one of the greatest AWP skins of all time: A Factory New AWP | Dragon Lore with 4x iBUYPOWER (Holo) | Katowice 2014 applied. The skin, which was lent to him by popular collector @quyy112, is a 1-of-1 craft, with the other being on a trade ban. It is currently in the inventory of s1mple’s “protege,” m0NESY. Furthermore he enjoyed playing an AWP Fade with four Katowice 2014 Papers applied to it a lot.

CS:GO sh1ro skin inventory AWP
He played with a wide variety of knives this year, including a Flip Knife | Gamma Doppler (Emerald), Talon | Dopplers in versions of both Sapphire and Ruby, and a beautiful Factory New Stiletto Knife | Case Hardened (Blue Gem Pattern 371), as well as another Blue Gem Nomad Knife Case Hardened.

s1mple spent most of the year running between a few gloves, a pair of Sport Gloves | Superconductor, a pair of Specialist Gloves | Field Agent, and a pair of Minimal Wear Sport Gloves | Vice.

CS:GO sh1ro skin inventory AWP
He played with a range of AK-47 skins this year, from a mixed Gold Signature AK-47 | Vulcan Craft to a Fire n’ Ice Blue Laminate with 2 Titan (Holo) and 2 iBUYPOWER (Holo) from Katowice 2015, a skin with around $200,000 worth of stickers applied.

CS:GO sh1ro skin inventory AWP
s1mple is the only member of our top 3 list with an M4A1-S skin worthy of being featured: an M4A1-S | Bright Water with 4x mixed Katowice 2014 Holo stickers. The gun has Holographic stickers from VOX Eminor, iBUYPOWER, Reason Gaming, and Natus Vincere, which combine for a value of over $110,000.

CS:GO sh1ro skin inventory AWP
But the craziest part of s1mple’s skins throughout 2022 is that most of them weren’t lent to him, rather he owns them. He clearly has an interest in skins and has an inventory worth around $100,000!


2022’s top 3 CS:GO players had some extremely crazy skins and sticker crafts this year, with skin cost and applied sticker value adding up to about $500,000 just between the three of them. These players are extremely deserving of this prestigious award, and we applaud them for their amazing year! We can’t wait to see what skins the best players of 2023 bring to the server…

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