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CS:GO Skin Inspect Server - !ws !gloves !knife & more

The new EsportFire Skin Inspect Server!

Topic: CS:GO Skin Inspect Server - !ws !gloves !knife & more

Are you looking for a CS2 inspect server? Check out this article: CS2 Inspect Servers. If you're looking for CS:GO servers check out the article below:

Announcement time! As you already saw by the title of today’s article we’re releasing our very own CS:GO Skin Inspect Server! BUT not only that, thanks to the help of our beloved team member @enjoytehride we’re not just “one more skin server”, but have our very own workshop map that features more than 90 new backgrounds! More on that in a second.

EU1 Server Connection IP: connect esportfireskin.datho.st:28267; password esportfire
EU2 Server Connection IP: connect esportfireeu2.datho.st:28314; password esportfire
US Server Connection IP: connect esportfireus.datho.st:27617; password esportfire
Asia Server Connection IP: connect esportfireas.datho.st:28793; password esportfire

Feel free to check out this amazing explanatory video about our server done by AdBrad: How to test any skin in-game in 2023 and join our Discord for further information and support regarding the skin servers here: https://discord.gg/P78uvQcXhq.


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Our very own Steam Workshop Map

While most skin inspect servers use the well-known Workshop map “cs_flex_shortnew”, we decided to come up with something completely new for our Community. Introducing the Skinworld [by EsportFire.com]. Designed in a space theme, the map features more than 90 new and unique screenshot backgrounds, perfect lightning, preset hud/viewmodel settings and much more!

CS:GO Skin Inspect Server

The public EsportFire Skin Server

Next to the Workshop map, which you can use offline at any time to take screenshots of your new pickups or favorite skins, we also launch our very own online Community Server! Featuring all known commands such as !gen, !gloves, !knife, but also a few less widely spread features such as !hide (where you can hide all players on the server), !agents and more! For the fun and entertainment in between, bunny hopping is enabled! In order to inspect skins with the Steam inspect link you don’t need to add a “!i” in front! Just copy and enter the link itself in the chat and it will generate the desired skin!

Apart from that you can also use the following comments that we will explain in a bit more detail as they might not be clear to everyone! Always leave out <> and just type the number when using the commands!

  • !pho skin : You can select the paint index of the weapon that you’re currently holding (For example “!pho skin 1” for a default AK-47)
  • !pho seed : You can select the paint seet for the current skin you’re holding or leave the field blank for a random one! (For example “!pho seed 661” to get yourself a scar pattern on the AK-47 Case Hardened)
  • !pho float : You can select the float value of the skin that you’re currently holding (For example “!pho float 0.17” to get yourself a low float field-tested version of the skin)
  • !pho sticker ,..: You can select stickers on the current skin if you know their ID! (For example: "!pho sticker 100 0 100 0 100 0 100 0")
  • !pho rename : You can remove or rename a nametag for the skin you’re currently holding (For example “!pho rename Iloveskins” to rename your nametag)
  • !pho stattrak <1>: You wil enable or disable StatTrak on your skin (For example “!pho stattrak 1” to enable it
  • !gloves: You can change your gloves for T-/CT-Site and also the gloves condition. The command works with an in-game menu!
  • !pho gloves seed : You can set a specific paint seed for your current gloves! (For example “!pho gloves seed 55”)
  • !agents: You can change your agent that you have equipped. That command also works with an in-game menu!
  • !hide: If you want to catch a break from the busy every-day server life! By using the command “!hide” you can hide all other players and their sounds on the server and catch some alone time! If you feel like seeing everyone else again just type “!hide” once again!
  • !knife: You can select yourself any knife possible. That command also works with an in-game menu!
  • !ws: You can select all kind of skins via that command!

How to connect

We highly recommend you joining our EsportFire Discord Server https://discord.gg/P78uvQcXhq to always have the connection id and all the relevant commands close by! You can join the official EsportFire Skin Inspect server by putting “connect esportfireskin.datho.st:28267; password esportfire” in your in-game console! We hope to see you there and are excited for some feedback!


The new Skin Inspect Server is more than just a screenshot tool! It’s purpose is to further connect the community and have a hub where people come together, chat and showcase their latest pickups or craft ideas! Furthermore, you can find multiple easter eggs on the server, check out the EsportFire CS:GO Skin Award winners of 2022 and enjoy yourself in the middle of the galaxy. See you soon!

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