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CS:GO Skin Market Recap: January 2023

CS:GO Unboxes, Crafts, Market Trends and more!

Topic: CS:GO Skin Market Recap: January 2023

Welcome to the CS:GO Skin Market Recap of January 2023! In this monthly article series we cover everything worth to know about recent unboxes, crafts or market changes during the last month! Enjoy reading and we hope you had a great start into 2023!

First up, we're going to take a look at the general market trend this month as well as some cases!

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General Market Development:

Let us look at the general market development this month via our house own EsportFire 300 Index. The index is a summary of 300 hand-selected, liquid skins that give an overview of the overall market trend.

While seeing a slow but steady decrease in skin prices at the beginning of the month, the overall market has seen quite an increase between the 9th and 15th of January while continuously going up afterwards.

This index and 29 other ones can be found under EsportFire.com/Indexes!

CS:GO Skin Market Recap EsportFire 300 Index

The Gamma case:

January started with many old cases hitting a new all-time high. The Gamma case for instance has seen an increase from USD 0.94 to USD 1.09. That might seem little right now, but it is an increase of almost 16% in just a month!

Apart from investors, one reason for that might be that Gamma knives are well-liked by the community. They might not be as sought after as, for instance, Spectrum knives, but are still a decent choice for players.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap Gamma Case

The Glove case:

It has been a decent amount of time since we last covered the Glove case. It just again hit an all-time high this month! With an increase of around ~14 % it’s new price is USD 3.10, which is quite insane!

The Glove case was at it's all-time high at USD 3.40 in the middle of January. It slightly decreased after the peek, but it will be exciting to see where this case will land in terms of its price.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap Glove Case

Unbox: #1 Lowest Float Tier-1 Crimson Kimonos!

A Finish CS:GO player has unboxed quite a rare item this month. His Tier-1 Crimson Kimonos have a float of 0.089 while the number #2 float for this pattern is 0.12! It is quite rare to get low float or Factory New gloves, and these very good-looking MW ones also happen to have one of the best patterns for these gloves in the game. The bid is currently at around USD 38,000!

This is quite an insane price, but no other T1 Crimson Kimonos come close to it. There is one Factory New pair, but sadly it only is a Tier 2 pattern. Congratulations to the unboxer!

CS:GO Skin Market Recap Crimson Kimonos

Unbox: #2 Lowest Float Bone Mask Souvenir

The man, the myth, the legend has done it again! @Sparkles has created yet another iconic and legendary skin. Known for his many trade up and case unboxing videos, Sparkles is a very beloved content creator.

You might ask yourself: What is special about this unbox right here? It's simple: This Souvenir Bone mask revolver should not exist. This skin should simply not be a thing because it has stickers from 2014, but the R8-revolver itself was released on December 8, 2015.

Some of you will probably remember that Heyzeus unboxed one of those revolvers, which is one of the, if not THE ONLY item that you can profit from of this expensive souvenir case. Congratulations to Sparkles for his insane unbox!

CS:GO Skin Market Recap Souvenir Bone Mask

Unbox: #1 Talon Knife | Case Hardened

This Talon is the best of its kind. It is StatTrak, Factory New, and a Bluegem?! You can barely go more rare and exclusive than that. The price is undetermined right now, but it definitely is worth quite a bit.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap Talon Case Hardened

Unbox: #2 Karambit Case Hardened Pattern:888

We are really flabbergasted that this skin has been detected by the Databases this month. The knife has only been unboxed ONE time before this one and that in Minimal Wear. Ours here is Battle-Scarred and has a float of 0.82. It is INSANE to think that this knife has only been unboxed two times, if we take into account that the finish on the karambit exists since all the way back at the beginning of skins on the 14th of August 2013.

Congratulations to the unboxer and even though it sadly is in a bad condition it will still fetch a high price amongst collectors!

CS:GO Skin Market Recap Karambit Case Hardened

Trade-Up: #7 lowest float AK-47 | Case Hardened 661

We have seen a new high-tier skin being crafted this month! It might has flown over the head of a few people but floatDB picked up this insane #7 0.0606 float AK Case Hardened 661.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap EsportFire 300 Index

Trade-Up: #7 lowest float M4A1-S | Welcome to the Jungle

The Ancient collection does seem to be quite popular this month! Our first contender is this clean Welcome to the Jungle. It is #9 overall but #7 excluding the Souvenir versions. Its float is 0.0044 and its estimated worth is roughly around USD 4,000 - 5,000.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap Welcome to the Jungle

Trade-Up: #1 lowest float AUG | Carved Jade

The Sniper king and low float enthusiast @Sabach has traded up to this skin from the Ancient collection, and damn it is a beauty! Normally this AUG looks rather scratched up directly above its handle, but with a float of 0.0000097 it is super clean! And to celebrate his successful trade-up Sabach decided to craft some Furia Antwerp Holos on it.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap AUG Carved Jade

Trade-Up: #1 lowest float AWP | POP AWP

The AWP | POP AWP has also seen a new #1 skin this month. The float value is 0.000004964. We do not know what it is with all these operation skins this month, but we gladly welcome them! Sadly, it is not the Amongus pattern, that would have been the cherry on the top.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap AWP POP AWP

ohnePixel's quest for the Titan Holo

So far, after @ohnePixel's mishap with the NIP paper last month, he has gotten his hands on two more capsules from the exclusive Katowice 2014 major! His hunt for the Titan Holo still continues! He has unboxed two capsules this month and the following stickers:

HellRaisers (Holo) | Katowice 2014 worth around USD ~7,000.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap ohnePixel HellRaisers unbox

Team Dignitas | Katowice 2014 worth around USD ~400.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap ohnePixel Dignitas unbox

Craft: AWP | Wildfire w/ 1x HellRaisers (Holo) | Katowice 2014

The legendary meme lord from Germany, also known as @Cylock1337, has done a really cool and expensive craft! This crazy 1/1 has a float of 0.0141 and the price of the sticker is around USD 8,000! It definitely is a great fit and it compliments the skin and the fire depicted on it quite well!

CS:GO Skin Market Recap Wildfire HellRaisers Holo craft

Craft: Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption w/ 1x ESL Wolf (Foil) | Katowice 2014 Surgery

Because @1678_CSGO thought that the IEM skull sticker looked kind of odd in the 3rd best position, he decided to perform a risky surgery! What he did was scrape and remove the sticker but also apply the ESL Wolf (Foil) | Katowice 2014 once again on the handle. We’d have to agree that the Deagle really looks better that way. He has scraped around USD ~450, but also applied USD ~450. So we would call this craft about even! ;P

CS:GO Skin Market Recap Cobalt Disruption Katowice craft

Craft: M4A4 | Daybreak w/ 1x Katowice 2014 Fnatic (Holo)

Next to the Deagle @1678_CSGO completed another amazing craft. He applied one Katowice 2014 Fnatic (Holo) onto a M4A4 Daybreak that already had two applied.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap M4A4 Daybreak Katowice craft

Craft: USP-S | Printstream w/ 4x Katowice 2014 Dignitas (Papers)

This crisp clean USP-S has been crafted by an unknown collector but we have something to say about this craft: It is spotless and pristine. We really love the Dignitas ghosts on the Printstream and their eyes highlight and contrast the skin quite well. All four stickers together sum up to USD ~1,700.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap USP Printstream Dignitas craft

Craft: Five-SeveN | Kami w/ 4x Katowice 2014 Dignitas (Papers)

OhnePixel crafted this Five-SeveN on his stream for a Twitter user called Alan "@v0yraCS". Furthermore, this Kami has one of the most unique pattern: The so called "P*ssy pattern" with the ID of 909. It also is the lowest float of that particular pattern with a float of 0.0003. The crafting price is around USD 1,700.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap Five-SeveN Kami Dignitas craft

Craft: MAC-10 | Surfwood w/ 4x Harp of War (Holo)

A Twitter user by the name of @VinchTheGrinch has crafted this stunning Mac 10! The Surfwood has such a calm and collected vibe to it and the Holo effect suits this skin quite well. We are madly in love with this craft that you can make yourself for around USD 3,120.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap MAC-10 Surfwood Harp of War craft

EsportFire Skin Awards

Last but not least we released the first EsportFire CS:GO Skin Awards featuring five categories and 50 individuals. You can vote for your favourite creators in the categories "Crafter of the Year", "Artwork Artist of the Year", "Streamer of the Year", "YouTuber of the Year" and "Twitter Creator of the Year" once every 24 hours! Check them out here: EsportFire CS:GO Skin Awards.

CS:GO Skin Market Recap EsportFire CS:GO Skin Awards


This January was quite a month to start of 2023! Expensive and unique crafts, cool 1/1’s, Katowice paper crafts, and even a Katowice Holo craft! Furthermore, we have seen multiple blue gem trade-ups and unboxes this month. January really had it all! Let us hope that the rest of the year will be as good as the start of 2023 - see you in February!

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