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cs_summit 6 Europa - facts and results

Everything about cs_summit 6 - Europe

The cs_summit six took place at the end of June 2020 and was the next tournament on the way to qualifying for the Major. With a prize money of 125.000 USD the European tournament, in which 16 teams took part, had the biggest part of the in total 200.000 USD.


Winner and tournament MVP

The winner of the tournament was the BIG Clan. After losing to Vitality in the semifinals, they fought their way back to the finals via the Consolidation final where they emerged victorious 3:2. The beginning of the great winning run of BIG which should follow in the coming weeks. After a 2-1 lead for Vitality in the final, BIG managed to come back on Dust2 and Overpass and turn the game around.

Group stage

The group stage consisted of four groups featuring four teams each. While practically all the underdogs were eliminated, there was a big surprise in Group A. Mousesports had to bow out of the tournament early with 0-2. GODSENT managed to win both opening matches in this group and qualified for the playoffs as group winner.

The remaining group winners were Vitality, NiP and BIG. Other surprises were the elimination of G2 and FaZe, who only made it to the decider bracket for ninth-twelfth place and thus could not play for the win.


In the playoffs, the finalists BIG and Vitality were particularly convincing, both reaching the upper bracket semifinals and thus remaining undefeated in their first two playoff games. BIG had to play the surprise team OG in the Consolidation final for the second place.

In the fifth place match, GODSENT beat fnatic, while North took seventh and G2 ninth. Winner BIG was awarded with 2.000 RMR Points and a prize money of 34.000 USD.

Surprises and disappointments

The biggest disappointment was in any case mousesports, which was eliminated without winning any points. FaZe and G2 were also not convincing, finishing in 9th-11th place. The biggest surprise was in any case OG, which collected 1750 Major points with their third place and thus created a realistic chance for a Major-participation. Heroic could also show up at cs_summit and already showed their potential. The coming weeks should be great for the Danes.

Performance of the individual teams

  • G2: Als HLTV #1 gestartet & als Gruppendritter lediglich das Decider Bracket gespielt
  • Vitality: Strong, confident, appearance in the final with unfortunate defeat
  • FaZe: Biggest accomplishment a victory against Movistar Riders – weak
  • fnatic: Solid group stage and entry into the semifinals, good performance
  • BIG: Beginning of a successful run, great performance, victory in the finals
  • mousesports: Pure disappointment
  • NiP: Strong group stage, lost nerves in the playoffs
  • ENCE: Weak as expected
  • OG: Big surprise, strong games
  • Heretics: Without a chance
  • Heroic: Good run until lower final
  • GODSENT: Strong fifth place, solid performance
  • North: Luck in group seeding, good performance

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