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CS:GO Update - Anubis in the active pool, M4A1 nerfed

The latest CS:GO Update saw changes in the active duty pool

Topic: CS:GO Update - Anubis in the active pool, M4A1 nerfed

In CS:GO's latest update they made changes to the Active Duty pool and released some weapon adjustments on the M4A1 and AWP! In this article we will cover the recent changes, show you some pictures of the newly introduced map and look a bit more into detail how the weapon changes affected the market right after the update.


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Active Duty Pool update Anubis added

First of all we wanna take a quick look at the map changes that took place in the recent update. While Dust2 has been removed Anubis got introduced to the Active Duty Pool and will be played in the upcoming events, as well as the Paris Major early next year.

CS:GO Anubis Map Screenshots

Weapon updates

The highly anticipated M4A1 nerf became reality with an update that weakened the M4A1 on range. In more detail the range modifier got lowered from 0.99 to 0.94. With that the M4A1 will be less powerful on longer distances and the M4A4 might return to the server, at least for some players. It definitely is a step to slightly equal out the guns, instead of having one all the way.

Furthermore Valve introduced a second, very unexpected and weird update. The AWP magazine size is reduced from 10 to 5 bullets. Time will tell if that update really has a big impact, but random spam shots with the AWP will be heavily reduced.

Market changes

Let's take a look at the price development of some M4A4 and M4A1 skins around 1 1/2 hours after the update got first released. The M4A4 Howl in Factory New increased by around USD 280 in price starting at USD 4.700 and going up to a current listing price of USD 4.980 on Buff163. Around 12 hours after the update got first released we saw the Factory New Howl peak at USD 5.575.

One of the most popular M4A1-S skins, the Printstream in Factory New went down in price for around USD 15 currently sitting at approximately USD 315, which is also the case around 12 hours after the update! With that there's not a crazy reaction to be seen percentage wise yet. Let's see and wait how that might change with the first pro games and people trying the new A1 in-game tomorrow.


It was a partly expected, partly quite surprising update and brought out some new stuff with Anubis in the Active Duty Pool and a M4A1 and AWP nerf. We will keep you updated on the price changes of the different skins over the upcoming weeks. Have a great weekend everybody!

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