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Boltz Steam Inventory & Value Review CS:GO

dev1ce Inventory Review

Topic: CS:GO dev1ce inventory review

Since we can't review Snappi's inventory, cause of his privacy settings, I'd like to keep it in Denmark with dev1ce. This inventory is no joke as it slaps a juicy 99k$ on the pricetag according to Sharkbay. Now, I'll say from the get go, I'm not entirely sure which skin he just lends and who they are from.
This value doesn't just come from nowhere, he loves himself some high-tier items such as doppler gems and legendary AWPs. Even a few crafts found their way into his inventory.

  Thicc Squidward

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General inventory

He's a float kind of guy, a bunch of cool floats including nr. 2s both in the high and low float range.
As an honourable mention I have to talk about his .008 USP-s Orion with triple K15 Keyd holos plus a Pants holo on mag. If you're a seasoned inventory review veteran, you might think this skin seems kind of familiar, that's because I reviewed it in kosmo's review, since he owns it.

Hulk combo

First off, yes he did have green gloves but they didn't have as nice of a float and the E was damn scuffed. I once got told about a little thing called the hulk combo on tgp, at first I was kinda confused, now I fairly enjoy it myself. The Pandoras come in at a .107 float, those have a ridiculous price tag for good reason, they look bomb!
As a knife, we're going even a bit crazier with this M9 Emerald sitting at an incredible .0002 float making it the second lowest M9 Emerald in the world. This low of a float yet you can still see scuffs on the spine, thanks Gaben.

Picture 4

AWP Dragon Lore

This is a sheer high-tier beauty, not only is the Dragon Lore CSGO's most iconic skin, it also comes with the addition of one of CSGO's most iconic stickers, the Titan holo!
Ofc. it's applied on scope and it shines bright on the defeated faces of his enemies. With a .031 float it looks damn clean. There's even a little health gold on second best pos scraped to 37% so it blends in with the skin perfectly, you can barely even notice it.
The gloves are a clean pair of .150 Sport Gloves Omega.

Picture 4

M4a1-s Knight

Here you see a victim of the Dragon Lore tradeup inflation, this poor souvenir M4A1-s Knight got stripped of all it's stickers and they were replaced with Stockholm 21 NiP holos. While I do mourn the losses of our fallen brothers, I gotta say those new NiP holos look insane on this old school .014 M4.
Craft is clean, looks selfmade, love it!

Picture 4

USP-s Cortex

We continue riding the float train with this USP-s Cortex at a .00002 float making it nr. 5 in the world. Crafted on it is a cheeky little robo which makes it look like the robots brains are spilling out. That's some real cyber punk shit!
Love to see pros experementing with stickers and I haven't seen this particular craft yet. Very innovative thicc approved.

Picture 4

Second combo/barbie dollhouse combo

It's just a great fit, I don't think anyone is gonna argue with me on that one. The gloves are just a huge flex. They come in factory new .067, due to the float cap at .06 these are some of the most expensive items you can get(no pattern dependency)! Even in fn there's still a few scuffs on both knuckles of the gloves.
The knife ain't too shaby either, it's china's favourite a statty Butterfly Sapphire in a decent .008 float.

Picture 4

AWP Black Prince

As a last little bonus skin, I had to show you all kabina's black prince! I'm quite the black prince enjoyer myself since I own one but this one does outfloat me because it is the second highest float Prince in the world!!
To put the cherry on the cake there's a sweet little K14 NiP holo on scope. Love the holo effect on it and it makes the black scope stand out even more in my opinion. The black scope looks miles better than the usual circus on the Prince!
For the gloves, I went with a .189 pair of Crimson Kimonos.

Picture 4


Overall, I really like this inventory you can tell he cares about skins. Unlike s1mple's inventory there are more seemingly selfcrafted skins and I know for a fact he crafted skins in the past.
Gotta love it when pros get into the skin scene, I'll just boldly assume that he did all the NiP crafts, apart from the prince, himself. The only thing that could be a bit better would be nicer green gloves, but that just affects one of his many combos.


My total rating will be a solid 9.457 since there is a bunch of personality in this inventory. The reason it didn't get a higher score is the lack of high-tier crafts apart from the legendary awps ofc.
That's more an opinions matter and overall I still think, this is one of the hottest pro inventory out there. Tremendously enjoyed reviewing this inventory, there are some real beauties in here!


All images taken on: Broskins.com

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