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DreamHack 2014 Bravado Gaming Crafts, Prices, Supply

Sticker Spotlight DreamHack 2014 Bravado Gaming Crafts, Supply, Price

Topic: DreamHack 2014 Bravado Gaming Crafts, Prices, Supply

Some teams are having a hard time qualifying for bigger events regularly. When they manage to do so, they try their best to leave a mark. One of those teams is Bravado Gaming, who took part in the DreamHack 2014 tournament. Let us teach you more about their run in this tournament, their sticker, and some crafts, alongside the price trend and supply.

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DreamHack 2014 Bravado Gaming General Team Information

The first and only South African Counter-Strike team that ever took part in an official Valve Major tournament was Bravado Gaming. The lineup consisted of the following five players: Andreas "cent" Hadjipaschali, Dimitri "Detrony" Hadjipaschali, Dane "racno" Friedman, Roberto "blackpoisoN" Dall'Occo and Richard "deviaNt" Groves. The qualification itself was a huge achievement, but they logically wanted to achieve more than that. Sadly, their opening match didn’t go quite as planned as their first opponent was Fnatic.

The Swedish star power was too much for Bravdo as they got demolished with 2:16, losing the BO1 quite clearly. Overthinking the result was no option, as Bravado was about to face Cloud9 in their elimination match-up. Unfortunately for Bravado, the North American powerhouse was equally as strong as Fnatic and sent the South African team home after a quick 1:16 and around 30 minutes of playing. What a disappointing performance for Bravado, who were eliminated early in the event and placed 13th to 16th.

DreamHack 2014 Bravado Papers

DreamHack 2014 Bravado Sticker Supply

There's sadly no option to track the exact DreamHack 2014 Bravado sticker supply, but we can check out the currently available supply of the item in question. At the moment there are only 9 of these stickers listed on Buff163 and 13 of them on the Steam Community Market. If we compare the supply to Holo stickers from the same tournament, we can notice a big difference, as the Bravado supply is significantly lower. But, keep in mind that the exact amount of stickers in inventories around the world is unknown.

DreamHack 2014 Bravado Price Trend/Development

The price trend of the DreamHack 2014 Bravado Gaming sticker has seen quite some movement in the past two years. Until March of 2021, the price of the sticker ranged between USD 4 and USD 7, but ever since it’s been on an upward trend that doesn’t show a sign of stopping. The past sales on Buff163 were around USD 45 with the cheapest listed currently at USD 50. With that, a new four-time craft would cost between USD 180 to USD 200.

DreamHack 2014 Bravado Papers

DreamHack 2014 Bravado Sticker Crafts

Recently, the FloatDB database surpassed 1 billion registered skins, but out of those only 1,816 have one or more Bravado Gaming stickers applied to them. That's a crazy low amount considering how long this sticker has been in the game. It’s time for us to take a look at some of the four-time crafts that players crafted over the years. One of the most recent crafts is a super unique five-times R8 Revolver Phoenix Marker by @Cyanidex333. Seeing greatly fitting R8 crafts is truly unique and special.

The rarity of Bravado Gaming crafts can be seen on the M4A4. There are only four known with four stickers applied to them and one is in the hands of @Kewiiji. Part of his inventory is an M4A4 Faded Zebra. After seeing one of the "big guns" we wanna take a look at an USP-S Target Acquired that is owned by @red507 and a P250 Facets owned by @ExerpasCS.

DreamHack 2014 Bravado Papers

DreamHack 2014 Bravado Sticker Crafts

One of the reasons why the price of this sticker has gone up is the number of stickers that got applied in recent times. The collector @_Sabach is one of those individuals as he applied four stickers on the Galil AR Sugar Rush.

Furthermore, we can’t forget about @SughCS who crafted a one-out-of-one SSG 08 Fever Dream or @aslan_501 who crafted the only MP9 with four Bravado Gaming stickers in the game, on an MP9 Pandora’s Box from The Gods and Monsters Collection. We can see that the Bravado Gaming stickers fit lovely with many skins, but in the end, are especially amazing with blue-themed skins such as the USP-S Blueprint which is owned by @yates_csgo which was crafted by @_weichi.

DreamHack 2014 Bravado Papers

DreamHack 2014 Bravado Sticker Crafts

One interesting fact to know is that 29 percent of the four times DreamHack 2014 Bravado Gaming supply is owned by a known collector in the Counter-Strike Twitter community. The collector in question is @GaryTCxD. He owns a truly unique collection of skins, which keeps expanding regularly. Some of the crafts that we would love to highlight are the FN 0.0001 AK Point Disarray, the FN 0.00001 M4A1-S Leaded Glass, the PP-Bizon Blue Streak, and the Desert Eagle Midnight Storm. Seeing those numbers, Gary might even have the highest percentage of four-time crafts with one specific sticker in the game, which is truly impressive.

DreamHack 2014 Bravado Papers

Writers favorite

I have to admit that the P250 Facets, which I proudly own myself, is one of my favorite crafts with the DreamHack 2014 Bravado Gaming stickers. I, in general, am a big fan of the Bravado Gaming sticker, as it started off my personal DreamHack 2014 collection. Outside of that one, I am a big fan of the M4A1-S Leaded Glass from @GaryTCxD's collection. The most recent craft on the Galil AR from @_Sabach is also a craft that I can't forget when talking about my absolute favorites.


Not every team from the DreamHack 2014 Counter-Strike tournament got a Holo version of their sticker in the game. But, they nevertheless all have amazing stories to tell! Keep an eye on the upcoming “Sticker Spotlight” articles to learn more about the teams that took part in the tournament, but didn't get themselves a Holo version of their sticker. Be sure to follow our Social Media for more interesting stuff surrounding the Counter-Strike skin community and feel free to check out our latest articles right after this paragraph.

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