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DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 Day 2

In round two all games are played as bo3!

Topic: DreamHack Masters Spring

The first round was played as bo1 and was characterized by favorite victories through and through. The winners were Gambit, NAVI, Virtus.Pro, G2, BIG, Heroic, Complexity and Astralis. While in group A already three bo3 matches took place yesterday, it continues today with the upper-bracket semi-finals of group B and numerous lower-bracket duels in both groups.


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Game 1: Extra Salt vs. Vitality

Both teams were defeated on the first day. While Extra Salt lost clearly against Astralis, Vitality had to admit defeat in the duel with Complexity. Extra Salt surprisingly reached the final of the FunSpark ULTI last week, whereas the French top team currently has big difficulties. Also the debut with Kyojin was not successful yesterday, as already mentioned. Between Extra Salt and Vitality, the odds still clearly favor the French.

Game 2: FURIA vs. paiN

The duel of the Brazilians. Both lineups had to admit defeat on yesterday's matchday with 06:16. FURIA lost surprisingly clearly against the BIG Clan and was without a chance on Vertigo. Thus the disappointing series of defeats continues. The team lost the last six maps and finished only one in double digits. Hard times for FURIA. PaiN is currently performing well in the American region, but came to the event as a huge underdog. Will FURIA get their first win since the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown?

Game 3: Astralis vs. Complexity

Both teams won the first round relatively clearly. While Astralis started on the CT side of Nuke against Extra Salt and eventually celebrated a commanding victory, Complexity played against the weakening Vitality and defeated them also on Nuke and thanks to a strong T-side with 16:10. Bubzkji had a solid first appearance in the main lineup of Astralis yesterday, but it is still very uncertain how the Danes will perform on other maps. This duel promises to be exciting.

Game 4: Spirit vs. Virtus.Pro

The two CIS teams meet for the first time in months and play for elimination. In the lower-bracket semifinal between Spirit and Virtus.Pro, the odds are very even. While Spirit lost their opening game 16-19 to G2, Virtus.Pro came out on top in their duel with FaZe on Train. Spirit had to briefly secure its place in the tournament against the clear underdog Fiend, but ultimately prevailed 2-1, while VP lost quite clearly to NAVI with 0:2. This clash is for more than just advancing in the DreamHack Masters.

Game 5: BIG vs. Heroic

BIG and Heroic managed to beat the two aforementioned Brazilian lineups yesterday. On Vertigo and Nuke the top teams prevailed with 16:06. Heroic lost only one duel since the new signings of refrezh and TeSeS and is currently in an excellent form. BIG also recovered after some weak performances and won the FunSpark ULTI last week.

Game 6: G2 vs. mousesports

While G2 lost 1-2 against Gambit after the opening win against Spirit and showed a weak performance especially on Dust2, mousesports prevailed 2-1 against FaZe after a close loss against NAVI. A great success for the mixed team. G2 is the favorite in the duel, but mousesports will certainly be fully motivated for tomorrow's duel after the victory in overtime.

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