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D&N released - Review!

Dreams & nightmare case is here, but does it live up to the hype?

Topic: Dreams and Nightmare Case - CS:GO

On the 21th of November after a long 4 months, CSGO tweeted out the Winners of the second ever skin contest. This tweet was met with a lot of disappointment from the community towards the selected skins, which aren´t bad at all but given the large selection of vibrant and diverse skins submitted these picks feel lackluster at times. But nevertheless every skin and artist absolutely deserves to be selected and we wanna congratulate all the people that got accepted! In this article we will look at some of our favourites.


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USP-S | Ticket To Hell

First we have the USP Ticket to Hell by Supremat, this technical horror design is like the name suggests a nightmare design inspired by technical labelling. The black and white USP has a very clean style.


MAC-10 | Fairy Sky

Another skin we like a lot is the Mac10 | Pixies, a simple skin with an intriguing design. The main part of the Mac-10 features some metal like detailing, with the top made to mimic a flask with captured pixies. Overall a clean design well-fitting of this case.


MP9 | Starlight

Besides these two banger skins, we also have the fitting MP9 Starlight. This dreamland creature fits perfectly on the MP9 alongside its cathedral-like aesthetic. The clean but complex demine of this skin is very well fitting for the cases red, and the first ever covert skin for the MP9. Overall great work by TheDanidem, and congrats on being accepted!


SCAR-20 | Chicken Fight

As our final skin we have the SCAR20 | Chickenfight. This pattern base skin has a very nightmares-ish base texture, featuring chickens fighting, hunting, and hiding. Overall a very detailed design and excited to see the different patterns.



Overall we want to congratulate all the talented artists once again! Amazing job. If you wanna see a part two with details about some more skins of the new case tell us in the comments on Twitter! We will link you all of the artists we found on Twitter below and otherwise their Steam profile, show them some love!

Ak-47: Nextgenz
MP-9: TheDanidem
MP-7: Niran
Dual Berettas: Kuch & sebasteter
Famas: Sparkwire & Druida
XM-1014: oKeyush
PP-Bizon: Maloo
G3SG1: Druida
M4A1-S: Madara & Blazer
USP-S: supremat
Five-SeveN: Anbu & kasim.tattoo
SCAR-20: Guardian Gear
MAG-7: Jerry & zlo
P2000: Des
Sawed-Off: Sorarox
MAC-10: b3d & Catmagen
MP5-SD: hook & KvaHu

Link to all the selected skins: http://counter-strike.net/winners

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