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Flashpoint 3 RMR-Event Day 12

Lower-bracket and decider games

After there was no match yesterday, there will be four duels on Tuesday. While Vitality and Heroic, as well as BIG and DBL PONEY play in the lower-bracket for elimination, between FunPlus Phoenix and Complexity, as well as Sprout and Anonymo only decision games for the 9-12th place take place. These will be played at Flashpoint due to the RMR points and could therefore be decisive in the fight for the Major participation.


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Game 1: Vitality vs. Heroic

In the top match of today Vitality and Heroic will meet. The French lineup, belonging to the absolute top of the world last year, meets Heroic. The Danes are playing great in the new year and are currently in second place on the EsportFire World Ranking. At Flashpoint, after winning the opening match with Sprout, the team was surprisingly defeated by G2 in the upper-bracket quarterfinals. In the lower-bracket round two the team won against Complexity and will now play Vitality for a place in the lower semi-final, where Astralis is already waiting. The French team fought their way back into the tournament after a disappointing loss against DBL PONEY on the first matchday and won their matches against OG and FunPlus Phoenix. Vitality is the clear underdog in the duel with Heroic, given the odds. The Danes have never lost two games in a row since the new signings of refrezh and sjuush. Will that change at Flashpoint, the first Major Qualifier?

Game 2: FunPlus Phoenix vs. Complexity

In the duel for the 9-12th places, FunPlus Phoenix and Complexity, among others, will meet today. FPX could recently convince with some great performances and qualified after wins against BIG and G2 among others for IEM Summer 2021. Also at Flashpoint the team around new IGL emi started well and with a win against HYENAS. Complexity is currently having a hard time and did not really find their way into the game the last few weeks. The European mixed team lost five of their last six matches and was also eliminated after three games at Flashpoint 3. After a loss against BIG on the first and Heroic on the third matchday, the team around IGL blameF is only playing for ninth place. Nevertheless FunPlus Phoenix is the underdog against Complexity given the odds.

Game 3: BIG vs. DBL PONEY

Back in the lower bracket the evening match between BIG and DBL PONEY takes place. The winner of this duel will meet NiP in the lower bracket semifinal and would have to fight his way through the lower-final and the consolidation final into the endgame. The German top team is currently in better shape again, but had big problems against Sprout on the last matchday and won the duel only very narrowly. DBL PONEY is probably the big surprise of Flashpoint 3. After the win against Vitality on the first matchday, they had to admit defeat against Astralis in a close duel, but managed to win the first lower-bracket match against Anonymo. Even though BIG is the clear favorite against DBL PONEY in view of the odds, the French top team has absolutely no reason to be afraid!

Game 4: Sprout vs. Anonymo

In the second placement match of today Sprout and Anonymo will meet. Both Tier-2 teams showed quite solid performances at Flashpoint and will also show up in the matches for the ninth place. Sprout, besides losing to Heroic and BIG, surprisingly managed to knock FaZe Clan out of the event, while Anonymo managed to win against HYENAS on the second day of play. Between Sprout and Anonymo the odds are very balanced.

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