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Flashpoint 3 RMR-Event Day 9

lower-bracket round 2

Today four teams will play in the lower-bracket round 2 to survive in the tournament. While four teams - Astralis, mousesports, G2 and NiP - already qualified for the upper-bracket semifinals after two days of play, four teams - FaZe, fnatic, OG and HYENAS - were eliminated from the event with 0:2 in matches.


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Game 1: Vitality vs. FunPlus Phoenix

In the first match of today Vitality and FunPlus Phoenix will meet. While the French lost more than surprisingly against DBL PONEY on the first match day, FunPlus Phoenix showed a strong performance against HYENAS. Vitality won the first lower-bracket match against OG thanks to a great performance of star player ZywOo, whereas FPX had to admit defeat in the duel with NiP yesterday. The European mixed team around IGL emi recently showed great performances and won four of their last five matches, including victories against G2 and BIG. The French are currently the big unknown. The lineup that played so consistently well last year, is currently mainly dependent on star player ZywOo. In the match between Vitality and FunPlus Phoenix, the odds still favor the French lineup.

Game 2: Complexity vs. Heroic

In the evening match between Complexity and Heroic, spectators can also expect an exciting encounter. All in all, however, the Danish top team is the clear favorite in the duel. While Complexity only won one of their last five matches, Heroic has only lost three duels since the signing of refrezh and sjuush. In a thrilling battle, the lineup around IGL cadiaN was defeated by G2 in the upper-bracket quarterfinals yesterday. Complexity's only win in the last two events was a 2-0 victory against fnatic, who are currently completely out of shape. Accordingly, the odds clearly favor the Danish favorite between Complexity and Heroic.

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