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Funspark ULTI 2021 - 250.000 USD

THE RETURN Of Tier-1 Teams in 2022!!

Topic: CS:GO Funspark ULTI statistics, teams, event

The Return! Eight teams will bring back world-class CS:GO after a well-deserved winter break. Funspark ULTI is starting on 18.01.2022 and will be live for six days. International top-teams like Astralis and Gambit will give their debut games in 2022 tomorrow!

Short recap:
Funspark ULTI will start on 18.01.2022 with teams like Astralis, Gambit, BIG, and Fnatic! The average player is 22.63 years old and the price pool sums up to 250.000 USD!
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Who´s taking part?

We got a stacked participant field for the first bigger event of the new year after WePlay Academy League Season 3. Next to the four invited teams, Astralis, Entropiq, Fnatic and Gambit, four teams managed to qualify themselves for the event! BIG and Extra Salt took the first two places at Funspark ULTI 2020, while K23 and ECSTATIC managed to qualify via the European Points Ranking.

Funspark ULTI lineup of Astralis:

Astralis IGL: gla1ve
Astralis AWP: gla1ve
Astralis Riflers: Xyp9x, Lucky, k0nfig, blameF
Astralis Coach: ave

The four invited top teams were not active on the transfer market during the winter break! While with Gambit and Entropiq the two CIS lineups have been playing together for some time, Astralis signed two new players at the beginning of November and Fnatic strengthened themselves with smooya as the new main AWP in October! Since his signing, the team around ALEX could achieve some great event results and their first appearances in 2022 are eagerly awaited.

Funspark ULTI lineup of fnatic:

fnatic IGL: ALEX
fnatic AWP: smooya
fnatic Riflers: mezii, Brollan, KRIMZ
fnatic Coach: keita

Astralis, around the two new signings blameF and k0nfig also have a lot to prove after an, understandably, mediocre finish to the year! The German top team BIG will compete at the Funspark ULTI for the first time with faveN, while Extra Salt will participate in the event together with Grim and junior! However, the official lineup for next season is not yet fixed at the North Americans!

Funspark ULTI lineup of Extra Salt:

Extra Salt IGL: JT
Extra Salt AWP: junior
Extra Salt Riflers: FaNg, floppy, Grim
Extra Salt Coach: T.c

K23 and ECSTATIC are probably the two underdogs in the high-class field, although the Danish organization could show up with numerous good results towards the end of last year, winning the Pinnacle Fall Series #3 and the Malta Vibes Knockout Series #3, among others.

Funspark ULTI lineup of ECSTATIC:

ECSTATIC IGL: birdfromsky
ECSTATIC Riflers: maNkz, Daffu, FASHR
ECSTATIC Coach: none

Tournament Statistics

A total of 8 teams and 40 players will take part in Funspark ULTI 2021. The average age is 22.63 years. The oldest lineup represents ECSTATIC with 24,8 years, followed by BIG Clan with 24,0 and Astralis with 23,8! The youngest lineup of the first big event of the year is K23 with an average age of 20 years. The two youngest players of the tournament are also part of K23: fame & X5G7V with 18 years each!

Funspark ULTI lineup of BIG:

BIG IGL: tabseN
BIG AWP: syrsoN
BIG Riflers: tiziaN, k1to, faveN
BIG Coach: enkay J

The most represented nationality is Russia with 12 players, followed by Denmark with 8 and Germany with 5 players. On average, players have been with their current organization for 17.52 months, which is approximately 1.5 years. The team that has been with their organization the longest on average is the lineup of BIG Clan with 31 months, whereas faveN was signed only about a month ago!

Funspark ULTI lineup of Entropiq:

Entropiq IGL: NickelBack
Entropiq AWP: El1an
Entropiq Riflers: Lack1, Krad, Forester
Entropiq Coach: hooch


All in all, the community can expect first tier-1 action after the winter break in the upcoming days. Favourites for the title are of course Gambit and Astralis, although a surprise is by no means impossible. The Funspark ULTI will be held in a double-elimination bo3 bracket and the final will take place as bo5, with one map advantage.

Funspark ULTI lineup of K23:

K23 IGL: neaLaN
K23 AWP: xsepower
K23 Riflers: n0rb3r7, fame, X5G7V
K23 Coach: Solaar

We wish all fans a great event and good entertainment in 2022! Stay awesome! The next big event will be the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022 starting at 28.01.2022.

Funspark ULTI lineup of Gambit:

Gambit IGL: nafany
Gambit AWP: sh1ro
Gambit Riflers: interz, Ax1Le, Hobbit
Gambit Coach: groove

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